Into the Storm has ratings and reviews. Mr. Matt said: Matt Ready and the crew of the USS Walker are on the run from the Japanese when they fin. Into The Storm is the first book of the Destroyermen series of alternate history novels by Taylor Anderson. The main setting of the series is the four-stacker USS . In Into the Storm, the story begins during the Second Battle of the Java Sea. The USS Walker (DD) is a destroyer of the United.

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Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Thr to Book Page. Preview — Into the Storm by Taylor Anderson. Its captain, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Patrick Reddy, knows that he and his crew are in dire straits. In desperation, he heads Walker into a squall, hoping it will give them c Pressed into service when World War II breaks out in the Pacific, the USS Walker a Great-War vintage “four-stacker” destroyerfinds itself in full retreat from pursuit by Japanese battleships.

Into the Storm (Destroyermen, #1) by Taylor Anderson

In desperation, he heads Walker into a squall, hoping it will give them coverand emerges somewhere else. Familiar destroyermeen appear, but the water teems with monstrous, vicious fish.

And there appear to be dinosaurs grazing on tbe plains of Bali. Gradually Matt and his crew must accept the fact that they are in an alternate worldand they are not alone. Humans have not evolved, but two other species have. And they are at war. With its steam power and weaponry, the Walker ‘s very existence could alter the balance of power.

And for Matt and his crew, who have the means to turn a primitive war into a genocidal Armageddon, one thing becomes clear: They must decide whose side they’re on. Because whoever they choose to side with is the winner.

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To ask other readers questions about Into the Stormplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Apr 02, Mr. Matt rated it really liked it Shelves: Matt Ready and the crew of the USS Walker are destrohermen the run from the Japanese when they find themselves transported into a strange new world that is eerily similar to the one they left behind.

Although the stars and the land formations are the same, ths people and cities are gone.

Giant sea monsters swim in the seas and the islands are populated by great lumbering dinosaurs and smaller, faster, more deadly predators. It’s truly as if they are on an alternate world where stogm dinosaurs never went ext Matt Ready and the crew of the USS Walker are on the run from the Japanese when they find themselves transported into a strange new world that is eerily similar to the one they left behind. It’s truly as if they are on an alternate world where the dinosaurs never went extinct and evolution took an entirely different path.

In this strange new world the Walker encounters not one but two intelligent species – the peaceful, mammalian Lemurians and the viscious, inyo Grik. In no time at all, Walker and her crew find themselves taking sides. The Lemurians are an ocean going nomadic people, forced to flee the major landmasses due to the rapacious ways of the Grik. And their involvement promises to turn the tide of what was looking more and more like certain defeat.


Although outgunned in the Pacific in earlythe Walker is more than capable of dishing out pain against the wooden ships of the Grik. Pretty cool stuff, except that I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen it before. What on the surface sounds super, duper original feels to me deetroyermen a rehash of books that I’ve read before. In the one a Roman legion is transported to an alternate world to fight an unholy evil.

In the other, a Union regiment from the US Civil War is transported to an alternate world to fight an unholy evil where humans are on the menu. The lack of originality isn’t a deal-killer, but it destfoyermen the premise less fresh than it might otherwise be.

Ignoring the whole transition thing, the book was pretty fun if a bit predictable. The Grik are bad guys you can happily root against. The Lemurians are an ally you feel naturally sympathetic too. The combat is well written and engaging.

The tensions on the ship effective. Four stars out of five. It is good, fast-paced fun but by no means high fiction. If you like your military sci-fi, you will probably like this book. I will be reading the next book in the series. This book was fun to listen to read. No more Japanese Battleships firing on them.

Into the Storm

No more war planes diving from the skies to bomb and strafe them Be careful what you wish for This may fall into the category of “there are only seven original plots and Shakespeare wrote all seven of them. Don’t get me wrong destroyerrmen. I suggest you ask Taylor Anderson. The things I liked: First and foremost, as an old retired Navy Chief, I’d like to applaud the wonderful way Anderson managed to capture the character te a Navy Crew aboard a Naval Warship.

These guys are neither perfect nor completely flawed. They are human, with varying degrees of personality and the interaction, teasing, courage, innovative thinking and camaraderie for good or bad gives a good impression of what it’s like on ship with a small crew.

No two people are alike. If Anderson brings them in, then they have an interesting story and a remarkably different personality. We didn’t meet every one of ship’s company, but this is a series.

Gray made a wonderful supporting character, able to provide comic relief with a witty comment and very much like the Chiefs I remember from my early days in the Navy when I was just a wide-eyed OSSN trying strom was too smart for his own good. In fact, Captain Ready had to warn him to keep his mouth shut it might start an international incident if they all burst out laughing while the Lemurians were itno them to their gods.

With Matt being a bit stuffy at times appropriately, but noticably Gray and Silva balanced the book out and helped ztorm him more likeable But, that’s another part of the story. I like the way the “Nurses” were portrayed. The crew was not as respectful as we would want from our sailors and marines now, and their roles tended to be narrow and sometimes trivialized. They are as they should be, given the time, and, that role is more or less by mutual consent.


However, I would point out that Sstorm Turner was a “mold breaker” and a force to be reconed with. I’d also point out that the Lemurians, even though they were not Human, did not reflect the same values and principles that the Human’s were trapped in and, that this was noticed in many ways and on different levels. I especially enjoyed the way the crew Silva mostly saw the solution to only having two females aboard and both taken. I won’t spoil it because it comes at the end of the book.

It turned out to be a funny scene about a serious subject but the beauty of it is, is that it avoided what could be some scenes that, while they may be worthwhile, now become unnecessary. I loved the villains. Nothing wrong with hungry cannibalistic humanoid bastards that eat anything and everything. Hell I’m scared of ’em and I ain’t never seen one.

I think we could have had more info on them, or spent more time with them, but one of the factors for the Walker Destroyermen is how Unknown they were to both them and the Lemurians. I liked the world building, Lemurians, Griff and all. The entire Lemurian Society down to the odd attitudes and playfulness of the Lemurians, and their huge floating islands were wonderful and exciting to explore.

I like that some of the major characters are Lemurian and that we got to see things through their eyes every now and then. They are a loose knit tribal society with casts built in and good people.

Into the Storm (Destroyermen, book 1) by Taylor Anderson

Anderson appeared to go out of his way to develop the unknown and unlikely from real science. I suspect that his choice of a ship, the same class as USS Walker is because it could run on poorly refined crued oil. That was well done, desperate and got my heart going. Above all I appreciate the “feel” of the story.

For me the “feel” is created by a complex weave of scenes, attitude, and voice. It’s the way the author folds violence or perhaps romantic even sexual scenes and content and the sorm responses that come up when reading or hearing for audiobooks those scenes.

It’s how the characters fit together and react and if I get mad when I should or feel heartbroken when I should. We don’t experience these things separately we experience them all at the same time in the same way we remember events in our lives. So it’s impossible to say, more of this, less of that and you’ll be “okay. It’s also where stories take destroyemren “life” of their own. It’s “Feel” as I read it’s passion and vigor and the gentle and careful way difficult subjects were laid out for us to experience the joy of the story, instead of the glory of the act.

It’s a story written for adults, with some harsh language, that is where harsh language should be, lots of violence, depicted as I wish violence dsstroyermen be depicted in stories with the right tone and attitude about it.

It just felt good to read. So I enjoyed it. Anderson did a good job of not putting things in his story without meaning and his skill and dedication show.