Deivathinkural in simple English. Deivathin Kural Voice of God Vol 6. Shri Ra. Ganapathi has painstakingly covered the discourses and conversations of the Sri . ​courtesy: ri pl see the attachments. The english version is fully copy protected and there is no pdf Home › Deivathin Kural › Dheivathin Kural Digital Version – English & Tamil.

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Good for offline reading, iPad or any handheld devices…. The only issue with this document is lots of slokas, other texts are lost due to font issue… This may not be a big deal for everyone…. Many of you have commented that you were unable to download from scribd and also from archive. I may have to stop using scribd. Actually I liked scribd a lot — it enables me deivatgin embed the documents in my posts nicely.

Click this link — http: Click the word PDF to download this. Sir, I had downloaded the Deivathin Kural soft copy. However, there is veivathin in the following pages.

Very nice deivathjn send me Tamil version of Deivathin kural To my email I d prabasampath gmail. Sir, Please send me the Deivathin Kural in Tamil to my email: Sir, Please send me the Deivathin Kuran in Tamil to my email: Can you please send me a copy of English PDF to sadashiva. Namaskaram, could I please have the English and tamil version my email. I am too eager. Kindly help, Shrinivasa Rao. Please mail me tamil and English version of Deivathin Kural please. Pls mail me English version deviation kural jayaram rocketmail.

Dear Sir, Please accept my pranams for the great philanthropic service you are doing to the mankind. I dont kurql Tamil. Can you please kurla me an english version of the document? OR please let me know where can i order it dnglish sir? Thanking you sir My mailid: Dear Raman Sir, Can you please kurao me the english version of the pdf? Hats off for this tremendrous service. May God Bless You.

Mahesh Sir, That was so nice of you. I visited the site as you mentioned and could download promptly. Thanks for the selfless service. Needless to mention, I will enjoy bliss reading every page. Waiting for a kuural to my request to email soft copy of Deivathin Kural to my email i.


You need to download it yourself. Kindly send me both English and Tamil version to contact. Request Tamil version PDF to my id: Can anyone share the Malayalam version with me. My email id is shrikumar. Kindly provide details about url where i can buy electronic copy of Deivathin Kural tamil version.

Periyavaa periyavathaan indha book soft copy irukka namaskarams k.

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Is it possible for you to mail Voice of ,ural English Version to priyaiyer87 gmail. Will be englisu helpful. Carrying the books seemed to pose some issues. Even the size of the books have been reduced to just 20 MB of memory space. Can anyone share the english version with me. My email id is emvee yahoo. I see that Raman sir has it in English as well.

I am waiting to read it…Thank you. Lot of folks have written to me…. Will be interested to know about it…. Very nice effort Mahesh. Also, nice suggestion to involve the publishers also to produce an electronic copy. Deivaththin Kural — 7 volumes — is printed by Vanathi Publications.

They are all priced. The money generated from the sale proceeds goes towards maintaining many Veda Patasalas, Gosaalas, temples etc. If someone is intent upon reading them they should buy those books for the purpose — just as I have deivatjin.

Deivathinkural in simple English

Please do not give it away free of cost. That which is received free is never valued. At the same time, Kanchi Mutt has given the whole content for free on their site. Given that as a precedence, I thought of doing this. However, if there are any volunteers in Chennai who can talk to VAnathi and see the possibilities of getting an electronic copy would be great. Ideally, the publishers can do this much faster and in a neater way.

Can anyone share the english version of Deivathinkural please. May MahaPeriyavaa Bless everyone. Mahesh — You may please notify our bloggers so that interested persons are benefited — I do not know how to spread this to all; Hence the request http: No, this is the same I posted too…. I guess if we spend bit more time, we could make this in a presentable form. Pl give me some time and I will figure out a better way to do this….

I thought it is simply download issue. Better to wait for a complete work. Thanks for the feedback. Hope you are aware of this link http: Can you please send it to my email id…the PDF files at vaidehi. Can you provide me a soft copy to my email id vkswamy84 gmail. I shall be ever thankful to you.


I prefer in Tamil rather than english. Dear Mahesh As you know Scribd is not allowing free downloads for quite some time now and as this book was uploaded by Shri Ramkumaran init is better that this is uploaded in archive. The other thing is that your desire to make it readable in ipods and hand-held devices.

It would be easier if you use the now newly introduced unicode font files from kamakoti site, so that the font issues stand resolved. With the best regards Ramu.

One more suggestion, whoever uploaded the pdf to scribd, if they have the source word doc, please share it. Some volunteers can make it more readable by making table of contents. Mahesh, regarding download issue. Perhaps you can download it and put it in mediafire deivathni dropbox.

Please send the book to my id as well.

1and2 in english – Periyavaa | sathvishayam

I have made some pdf files both in English and tamil, I can mail for your viewing. Please mail your contact id. I would like to have a copy of the kura version sir. Hope you can send it. The last reply i sent you some how the gutcut one word has split into two gut cut.

Please send it to gutcut comcast. Hi, Can you kindly email the English version to me. Deivathih email address is u gmail. Sir…would appreciate if you can send the same in tamil to my mail id karupeswara gmail.

Looking for a pdf version for my father who has vision issues and can read only on ipad due to the better lighting. Both english and tamil would eenglish beneficial. Can you please mail me the english version pdf.

So please help me…. Could you please email it to me? Thank you very much Lalitha Ganesh madam. My mail id is achuthakiran gmail.