Banis contained in Bachitra Natak (Dasam Granth)which are actually written by .. There’s no debate about the authenticity of the bani of Guru Gobind Singh ji. The Dasam Granth is a religious text containing many of the texts which is traditionally attributed to Guru Gobind Singh. It is primarily in Braj Bhasha with Awadhi. In reality, Guru Granth Sahib ji is the bani for the whole world, but Dasam Granth is the Granth of Khalsa Panth. It contains the bani basic to the Sikh principles.”.

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Later afterthey were combined in the form of the present-day granth or single volume by Bhai Mani Singh Khalsa, with help of other Khalsa brothers. This was done on the direct graanth of Mata Sundri and this volume is presently recognized as Sri Dasam Granth Sahib. Many historical sources from the early 17th century contain various lines, hymns and the same names used by the Guru in his compositions. Guru Gobind Singh left his holy abode of Nanded, India in In the late 17th Century particularly after onwards was the time when the Sikhs had to hide in jungles due to the constant attempts by the Mughal empire to eradicate them though various acts of persecution.

There were very few attempts of writing Sikh history in this period in the 17th Century. Poet Senapati had access to the Bachitar Natak Granth. Poet Senapati has written history of religion in the same way and style as in the Bachitar Natak Composition. Poet Senapati used words like Sri Kaal, Chandi Sudhari in his poems which means, that these words were part of Sikh hymns of that time.

Following is a detailed explanation, which shows that the Bachitar Natak Granth was present up until Dzsam was one of the first book to illuminate the writings in the Sri Dasam Granth.

This book is written not only in the style and language of the Sri Dasam Granth but some verses are similar to the verses found in Sri Bachitra Natak, most notably the battles of Guru Gobind Singh. This Rehitnama was written in early 18th Century.

The Rehitnama contains many couplets from Bani of the 10 Patshahi tenth Guru. Chaupa Singh also quoted various lines from Swaiyeys writen by Guru sahib. Jaap Sahib was present and was part of Daily Liturgy. This was as a warning to naive Sikhs to be vigilant and to be aware of people who act deceptively to trap them and violate their trust and their rights. This fact is acceptable in almost all Rehitnamas and historical books.

Some people consider this text to be degrading to women folks but this is due to a misunderstanding of the intention of these writing.


Bhai Prahlad Singh states:. Guru Gobind Singh mentioned this in Bachitar Natak. Guru Gobind Singh told: Krishna Avtar, Guru Gobind Singh. Parchian Prove this that the though process of Dasam Bani was prevelent during that time. Parchian Quote a verse from Ram Avtar and 33 Svaiyey.

Parchian also mention presence of Zafarnama with Hikayats. Parchian also include words like Bhagauti Sri Kaal etc. It also mentions that all 11 Hikayats were written by Guru Gobind Singh and source of these persian tales are Charitropakhyan.

It is believed that he must collected this all material for more then years which give us lighten that Compositions of Guru Gobind Singh was available before This is first attempt to write history post Guru Gobind Singh demise at large scale thats why it is target of Anti Dasam People to degrade this text as it mentions Dasam Bani was collected and made in form of Granth.

This source mention all events of creating and purpose of creating Dasam Granth. All Bachitar Natak History. Chaubis Avtar was written by Guru Gobind Singh. The most referred book by any historian is Guru Ki Sakhian, which is too followed during Making of Nanakshahi Calendar.

The books gave us so many versions about Compositions of Guru Gobind Singh. After Studying we get following facts.

why dasam granth bani is not included in guru granth sahib – GUPT | ANONYMOUS – SIKH SANGAT

Sakhian quotes various portions of 33 Swaiyey. Sakhian quotes various lines from Shastarnaam mala and Bachitar Natak. In his book he mentioned history of 10 Gurus. Scholars fixed Das Guru Katha, is to be Creation ofbut some affix it to be of late 18th Century.

He added many things into sikhism with this granth. He also added translations of Some shastras for people to study.

Page 51 — Guru Govind Singh, in the Vichitra Natac, a work written by himself, and inserted in the Dasania Padshah ka Granth, traces lhc descent of the Cshatriya tribe of Sondi, to which he belongs, from a race of Hindu head, and throw it into the fire, he would he resus- citated to the enjoyment of the greatest glory.

The Guru excused himself from trying this experiment, deelaring that he was content that his descendants should enjoy the fruits of that tree which he had planted. Panth Parkash is started with Manglachara of Gurus and Chandi. Following are facts of Dasam Bani present in his literature:. He mentioned about all birs of Dasam Granth. He written a huge writing called Durga Parbodh in which he tried to clear every aspect of Durga in a the form of dialogue between Durga Bhagat and Tat Khalsa. With this one could easily think that Singh Sabha Movement beginners were all believers of Dasam granth.


He quoted various aspects of Dasam granth in his teekas and writings. He did teeka interpretation of Jaap Sahib. To read Click here Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale. He was great supporter of Dasam Granth. His movement was continued and arose again in end of 20th century and beggining of 21st century on wide range, though all the logics given are rejected by various scholars, the followers of this movement continued spreading false knowledge due to lack of Historical Knowledge and less deep study of Guru Granth Sahib.

One can go through above references and images attached to it. Jasbir Singh Mann, British introduced Dasam Granth tostrip the Sikhs of the spirit of independence and warfare which is a baseless claim that without any hard historical evidence.

If the British aimed at stripping the Sikhs of their military might theywould have rather wanted the Sikhs not to read and revere Sri Dasam Granth which clearly contains the Bir Ras banee. Sri Dasam Granth also has details of the wars which Guru GobindSingh Sahib fought, and elevated the weapons to the same level as the embodiment of AkalPurakh.

Hence by giving a detailed description of weapons and their usage and warning theKhalsa baji the moral challenges it might face, Sri Dasam Granth prepares the Khalsa forwarfare, both physically and mentally. He also states during the Ranjit Singh period the Sri Dasam Granth continued to be seen as a Sikh scripture same as that as the 18th century. He shows categorically that the British did not create the Sri Dasam Granth.

You Will Never Question Dasam Granth After Seeing This (Video)

Acc to Anti Dasam People, All banis were written by Nirmalas afterwhich is false according to above evidences. All Banis are Recorded in previous Histories from ownwards. There is no mention of any Atma Ram in thisimportant source of Sikh history. After Dxsam Dasam Granth was written it was then also transcribed in different languagesincluding Persian, Urdu and Devnagri.

Dasam Granth – Wikipedia

And it appears that the same personhelped Malcolm understand the Indian judicial system see p. There is no mention of anyGranth created by Atma Ram in this book and there is no mention of any Atma Ram workingwith Mahants from Patna. More than 35 writers or copier were appointed by Guru sahib along with more than 50 Poets Scholars at Anandpur sahib.

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