Download Cs System Software Question Bank With Answers. Mpsc question answer FREE. QUESTION PAPER QUESTION. System software questions and answers pdf. Please find the two mark questions with answers below for system software – CS subject. Question Bank: 1. Computer Networks (CN) (CS) (CS52) ( CS) Question bank 1 (2 marks with answers) – View / Download Question Bank 2 (2.

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It consists of variety of programs that supports the operation of the computer. This software makes it possible for the user to focus on the other problems to be solved with out needing to know how the machine works internally. Give some applications of OS. Operating system acts as an interface between the user and the system Eg: Define compiler and interpreter. Compiler is a set of program which converts the whole high questioon language program to machine language program.

Interpreter is a set of programs which converts high level language program to machine language program line by line. Loader is a set of program that loads the machine language translated by the translator into the main memory and makes it ready for execution.

What is the need questikn MAR register. Bano memory address register is used to store the address of the memory from which the data is to be read or to which the data is to be written.

Draw SS instruction format. MOV 60, 34 Base relative addressing. Displa Displacement lies between 0 to Displacement lies between — to 8.

In the case of immediate addressing the operand field gives the memory location.

The word from the given address doftware fetched and it gives the address of the operand. ADD R5, [] Here the second operand is given in indirect addressing mode. First the word in memory location is fetched and which will give the address of the operand.

In this addressing mode the operand value is given anwsers. There is no need to refer memory. ADD 5 In this instruction one operand is in accumulator and the second operand is a immediate value the value 5 is directly added with the accumulator content and the result is stored in accumulator.

Following is a memory configuration: Address Value Register R 1 5 5 5 7 6 5 What is the result of the following bajk ADD 6 immediate to R indirect Here 6 is the immediate data and the next value is indirect data. Here the address of the operand is 5 and its corresponding value is 7.

What is the result of the following statement? SUB 4 direct to R direct Here one operand is in the address location 4 direct addressing and the next operand is in the register register direct.

A-accumulator Used for arithmetic operation.

CS System Software Two Marks and 16 Marks with Answers – SEC Edition

The operation given in the instruction is performed and the result is sith in the accumulator register. L-linkage register It is used to store the return address in the case of jump to subroutine JSUB instructions. Give any one format. Where is the Menu? How to request Study Material? In the line 10 the address is and the instruction is RESW 4. In the first instruction immediate addressing is used. Here the value 3 is directly loaded into the accumulator register.


In the second instruction the memory reference is used. Differentiate trailing numeric and leading separate numeric. The numeric format is used to represent numeric values with one digit per byte. In the numeric format if the sign appears in the last byte it is known as the trailing numeric. If the sign appears in a separate byte preceding the first digit then it is called as leading separate numeric. What are the addressing modes used in VAX ysstem

Register direct, register deferred, auto increment and decrement, program counter relative, base relative, index register mode and indirect addressing are the various syste, modes in VAX architecture. How do you calculate the actual address in the case of register indirect with immediate index mode?

Here the target address is calculated using the formula T. The test device TD instruction tests whether the addressed device is ready to send or receive a byte of data. The condition code is set to indicate the result of this test. Define the basic functions of assembler. What is meant by assembler directives.

Qiestion are the statements that are not translated into machine instructions,but they provide instructions to assembler itself. What is forward references?


It is a reference to a label that is defined later in a program. If we attempt to translate the program line by line,we will unable to process the statement in line 10 because we do not know the address that will be assigned to RETADR. The address is assigned later in line 80 in the program. What are the three different records used in object program?

The header record,text record and the end record are the three different records used in object program. The header record contains the program name,starting address and length of the program. Text record contains the translated instructions and data of the program.

End record marks the end of the object program and specifies the address in the program where execution is to begin. The symbol table includes the name and value for each symbol in the source program,together with flags to indicate error conditions.

Some times it may contains details about the data area. The operation code table contain the mnemonic operation code and its machine language equivalent. Some assemblers it may also contains information about instruction format and length.

CS2304 System Software Question bank – 16 Marks Questions | Anna university CSE 5th Semester

OPTAB is usually organized as a hash table,with mnemonic operation code as the key. What are the symbol defining statements generally used in assemblers? When this statement is encountered the assembler resets its location counter to the specified value. The general format is ORG value In the above two statements value is a constant or an expression involving constants and previously defined symbols.


An object program that contains the information necessary to perform required modification in the object code depends on the starting location of the program during load time is known as relocatable program. Differentiate absolute expression and relative expression. If the result of the expression is an absolute value constant then it is known as absolute expression.

Write the steps required to translate the source program to object program. This variable is used to assign addresses to the symbols. Aftre each source statement is processed the length of the assembled instruction or data area to be generated is added to LOCCTR and hence whenever we reach a label in the source program the current value of LOCCTR gives the address associated with the label.

Define load and go assembler. One pass assembler that generate their object code in memory for immediate execution is known as load and go assembler.

Here no object programmer is written out and hence no need for loader. What are the two different types of jump statements used in MASM assembler. Near jump A near jump is a jump to a target in the same segment and it is assembled by using a current code segment CS. Far jump A far jump is a jump to a target in a different code segment and it is assembled by using different segment registers. What are the use of base register table in AIX assembler?

A base register table is used to remember which of the general purpose registers are currently available as base registers and also the base addresses they contain.

USING statement causes entry to the table and. Zystem statement removes the corresponding table entry. RESW —It reserves the indicated number of words for data area.

If the memory is byte addressable then the address assigned for the bannk symbol is RESB —It reserves the indicated number of bytes for data area. Hence the address assigned for the next symbol is Define modification record and give its format This record contains the information about the modification in the object code during program relocation.

Object code generation b. Literals added to literal table c. Address location of local symbols Answer: Object code generation – PASS 2 b. Literals added to literal table — PASS 1 c. Listing printed — PASS2 d. Address location of local symbols — PASS 1 What is meant by machine independent assembler features?

The assembler features that softwaer not depends upon the machine architecture are known as machine independent assembler features. How the register to register instructions are translated in assembler? In the case of register to register questioj the operand field contains the register name. During the translation first the object code is converted into its corresponding machine language equivalent with the help of OPTAB.