Posts about CryEngine written by hownot2code. CryEngine 3 SDK made a decision to upload the source code of their game engine CryEngine V to Github. Cryengine 5 / #55 Track View Tiefenschärfe / Tutorial German. Startegel Anno Moving a project from Cryengine EaaS to Cryengine 5. Black Hat Studio. 3. Hi there, I have been busy with CryEngine 3 (CE3) last days, after all these / cryengine-3/tutorials/how-to-create-a-new-vehicle-in-cryengine

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CryEngine 3 SDK Tutorials and Training Videos

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Yes, its about CryEngine 3 again Aug 16, Posts: It is cumbersome, but so far it is one of the best pieces of API code I have ever seen that is probably also the reason why it has almost not changed for 10 years now. I am going to tutoriial my “half” Cryenginee game to CE3 right now, this will take quite some time but this post covers the reasons.

This is no flame thread or anything, so if you really want to know an objective, but technical, view on CE3, from a person who really likes Unity at least for what it was made foryou will get it. First, let me tell when you don’t need to bother about CE3, so you don’t waste time in this thread: But CE3 to my surprise supports Linux! Use Unity first, understand it, push it to its limit, then switch to CE3 if you think you need it. If you don’t master Unity, you have no chance with even simple things in CE3, I promise you In that case you might still wanna read on This is what impressed me most and convinced me finally of all when I first started the CE3 Sandbox editor.

It just looks damn awesome, without doing anything. Just cryenginne some AAA models, stuff them in and enjoy. This is something I have never seen before. In UDK you would have to twist your brain to come even close to what Unity Pro is capable of, while UDK is capable of the same things as CE3 but most people have no chance in unleashing this power But what you get with CE3 by “default” is just beyond measure, and I am not kidding.

CryEngine | How Not To Code

Of course this has its price. CE3 only runs on recent hardware, but the fact that it runs on these crappy consoles already proves that it can’t be that bad. At least it doesn’t even start on my notebook damn Intel HD. What is also impressive is that the “empty” default scene in CE3 already has k polygons of interactive water. That is quite funny because this very deitsch would already come in deutcsh range close to what Unity can do at all, but it is a god damn empty default scene in CE3.

And also if you look at the second video, you can see that there is NO point at all comparing CE3 with Unity. These are different worlds for different audience! MrBurnsSep 28, Of course, the visual aspects are not worth mentioning, because these two engines do not and cannot even compete in the market. So what could still make you choose CE3 instead of Unity, even if you are happy with the visuals of Unity Pro?!

Forget it with Unity! Even if you can workaround some of the many issues that will arise, you won’t get any decent look deusch to lack of global illumination and in fact much morewhich is only provided by the static Beast Lightmapping. And more importantly, no dynamic occlusion culling and that is killing!


You just can’t work with that. And even the static deitsch is bugged to the teeth and a pain to work with already when your scene is not dynamic at all. You can do it, to some extends, I did it with about 10k fragments flying around with PhysX support using tutoria hand crafted “Adaptive-Octree-Dynamic-Batching” algorithm I developed precisely for this purpose as well as highly optimized shaders to minimize CPU overhead on mesh update; not to mention the fancy polygonal fragmentation algorithm.

Looks nice but is already the limit. Builtin dynamic batching doesn’t work for anything but mobile. So much about that.

CryTek has seen what I have seenno destructible cryenginf worlds without throwing anything prebaked over board. They simple have nothing prebaked, though you sure can use it for explicit optimizationsbut you don’t have to and you don’t by default. And that is one reason why it looks so good; most other engines have to prebake, prebake, prebake, hours and hours on UDK “Swarm” server farms until a static scene looks somewhat near “decent” hopefully. CE3 does it in realtime CE3 has them all builtin the fancy stuff soon and they excel in every respect.

Especially the little things like “SSOA shining through particle effects or transparent objects”, “no MSAA in deferred rendering”, “no scalable particle systems” add up pretty quickly in Unity and make most of the “nice” stuff unusable in real world situation and pretty much only useful for showcases.

What I have learned is “No good look without excellent post-effects” which means no good look at all in Unity always compared to CE3. I am sure I don’t need to mention tessellated displacement mapping as seen in the second seutsch, HDR lighting, transparent colored shadows, the list is endless Just all the stuff that create some kind of “immersion” for the player. No chance with Unity!

Cryengine 5 / 5.3.2 #55 Track View Tiefenschärfe / Tutorial German

The lack of advanced shader support makes most of these attempts quite useless. While Unity has decent looking “Pro” water from the top down, it is like with everything else in Unity. It seems more like a marketing strategy, because it is just of not help in practice. There is no decent “underwater” effect and even if there would, the water4 has no “height at” function to properly decided the “underwater” property one could do that himself, as with everything in Unity.

But if you look at the CE3 water effects, you will see that this is far away from anything you have ever seen in Unity and probably couldn’t even do in Unity efficiently.

Additionally it supports interaction automatically which cryfngine creating waves by just walking into it, or shooting into it. This is pretty slick, and couldn’t be done efficiently in Unity I suppose due to lack of shader support. CE3 comes with cryegnine different amazing water surfaces made for different occasions ocean, in-door, river.

Use Unity Pro and AssetBundles! How can you create an AssetBundle?

Yes, with Unity Pro, so how will your players mod your game? Not at all I suppose.

crydngine Sure you could again build a solution yourself like using Unity free and making a custom “FBX to Mine” converter and load that stuff, have fun! They don’t layer when imported with WWW. The PNG decoding alone is far too much for any decent use case.

CE3 was built from the ground up since cryengije be highly moddable and hell it is! You can even change the entire game code and scripts without any “hacks”.


This is quite possible with Unity using the skinned mesh or the usual mesh. But hell, it is inefficient! And another thing is you can dump this out in the usual CE3 mesh format “CGF” and read it back in later.

And since nothing is prebaked in CE3, you get realtime radiosity, dynamic occlusion, as well as fragmentation for mesh destruction Additionally CE3 supports a lot of things I couldn’t figure out right now, like advanced AI, superior networking, But that very degree is just high enough to make it suitable for proper advertisement while it will do you no good in a productive environment. As long as you just want to stuff some prefabs together it might look quite nice. But if you really want everything in a complex scene fit together, you have a hell of a mess in front you and it will take a lot of back-breaking work to get it right and then still it is just static.

Unity doesn’t provide tools to control this mess, UDK does and it still sucks And this is the very reason why I am switching to CE3.

For now I have omitted all that stuff and this was a good decision. A lot code can be reused in CE3 since I focused on gameplay and not so much on rendering since I had the hope that Unity would catch up until I am done but now I doubt it; or let’s say I can’t wait anymore.

But more importantly is what would lie in front of me when sticking with Unity: Especially the modding part as well as veutsch effects, the particle problems, the list is again And besides buying, also implement these things. Like Voxelform, which comes similarly in a AAA incarnation in the CE3 Sandbox editor and allows for cave and overhang creation and much more.

The CE3 Sandbox editor is ingenious and well I don’t find any words for it! I’d rather trust CE3 to be honest The simple demo scene “Forest” deutdch combines a lot of effects that are unmatched when compared even to vivid commercial Unity titles From the easiest thing to complex multiplayer match setups and proper synchronization of item pickups, shooting and stuff.

Yes, its about CryEngine 3 again…

What is builtin ttorial CE3, you have to code yourself in Unity, again Yes it provides a network layer but that is pretty much it. With CE3 you get a lot of high-level networking along with the native pipeline, like map-voting, chatting, and different kinds of prefabed match cryengjne, not to mention all the well tested Crysis networking code. It’s just deadly in Unity. CE3 also has anti-cheat build in PunkBuster and a lot of places to hook in your own tutoriap.

Well probably there is much more, since I was only talking about non-editor related stuff. And finally, looking at the still unsatisfying results due to lack of dynamic radiosity and proper overall rendering quality! I doubt that this project would succeed anywhere below 60k and probably at least 3k USD of additional budget.

Frankly, I can live with that! If the game is really a burner, I will just move the headquarter into a ctyengine paradise, so I would just pay taxes to CryTek, so to speak. What could be worse than 3k USD of upfront payment?

I sure could find better things to do with it than wasting it for some “virtual” license crap; so screw it.