Prutianu and Ştefan, Prutianu, Ştefan, , Manual de comunicare şi negociere în afaceri, vol. I, Comunicarea, POLIROM Publishing House, Iaşi. Pasii în comunicarea scrisa sunt similari celor din structurarea unui discurs: Scrierea corecta a numelui, prenumelui, titlurilor si adresei. Stefan. Prutianu says about negotiation, it is the way for obtaining whatever we want from the .. Manual de comunicare si negociere in afaceri – II Negocierea.

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Bodea, Gabriela and Mustata, Razvan V.

Antrenamentul abilitatilor de comunicare by Stefan Prutianu

International Journal of Business ResearchVol. Communication expresses the connections between the purposes and the instruments used by a transmitter of a message.

Inside the cultural grounds generated by a society — defining for the system of values of a community, it may as well facilitate, complicate or even erase any connection between individual and language.

In afcaeri binary system determined by what is acquired and what is innate, the cultural factor reveals its multiple meanings, and besides any stream of appearances the two initiate a reciprocal determination. As culture is a guarantee of the functionality of a behavior, the success of an organization also depends upon the communication between the employees but as well of the connection between managerial decisions and their practice. Thus the cultural differences between the employees have prutiany be taken into consideration, and mostly they have to be reduced so as not to transform into conflicts.


For such a context like the business one the impact of the professional culture on a more general one is highly decisive.

The assimilation of the organizational culture is accomplished comunicsre acknowledging and promoting the landmarks atefan the national culture while its development finds its own landmarks in notions like: Consequently, the present analysis attempts to express the correspondence between the mental map of a population its bias for certain values and the predominant pattern of the organizational culture of that particular country.

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Metode, forme si psihologia situatiilor de comunicare. The Art of Communication. Mucchielli, Alex, Arta de a influenta.

  LDPE 2426H PDF

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Reproduction and distribution subject to the approval of the copyright owners.