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L et’s imagine a thriller. The story takes place in a serious setting. The question that emerges repeatedly, is “are the armed forces of major developed countries and their governments aware of events involving UFOs, hiding the facts from the population? Wouldn’t such a question reveal the ambient conspiracy theories? T he UFO phenomenon is the talk of the town for more than half a century. For decades, we have repeatedly asked the question, to which everyone replied “No!

How could such things be be hidden from the public eye for so long? How could anyone imagine for one second that such secrecy could persist over successive governments?

What all ufologist were really doing is to keep drawing attention to themselves in order to sell their stupid books. P ushing this idea further, a movie writer might imagines a scenario where not only high-grade military have witnessed the phenomenon, but even crazier, as these UFOs approaches the missile silos, the actually de-program these devices removing the ability to launch them.

This can only be done by accessing systems highly protected, isolated, independent, buried under twenty feet of rock, next to the checkpoint guarded by two armed officers.

I t is easy to imagine the scenario.

In underground bunkers, these officers, responsible for controlling these dangerous missiles, receives terrified calls, from simple guards standing at ground level, at only twenty meters above them. The latter are describing the arrival of bright objects, disk-shaped, from which emanates a pulsating light.

O n their monitors, these same officers notice some warning lights turning on, meaning that the memories of computers controlling missiles’ programming ranges were suddenly erased, inexplicably, up to 10 missiles at a time. I n this movie worth of Spielberg, it shows other scenes. Here is a young officer, accompanied by two deputies, who performs geodetic measurements on missile sites at night, to determine by using the stars, the position of the missile to the nearest meter, in order to program their targeting more accurately.

He performs his routine work, on a beautiful starry night. S uddenly a bright object draws his xeval. It then moves in a flash directly above the group, a hundred meters above the chriztel, at most.

Terrified, the three rush into their truck and fled. They removed all the signs because the army has recently expanded roads, augmenting with a ballast in order to allow the heavy trucks bringing the missiles through.

A nd what was bound to happened, did happen. While crossing at full speed a dip which was no longer signalled, the Lieutenant steers in the wrong direction and flips the vehicle over. The three extract themselves somehow, but none are hurt.

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They check their surroundings.

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The UFO stopped following them. They then reach, on foot, a farm located two hours away from them. This truck is brand new, there wasn’t even twenty miles on it. Are they going to hold this cost on my paycheck?


T he scenes are accelerating. In guard posts, phone calls describes situations in which security officials did not initially want to report nor did they want to register these facts on their logs. To the desperate calls, mocking voice answers: I n a guardhouse, a lieutenant, hearing the frantic calls of the guards who on the surface, sees UFOs hover from one silo to the next. After unsuccessfully seeking the intervention of the security service, xeval a single vehicle carrying a few soldiers shows up, he went to the center in charge of the security of the site and ask to a person in charge who seems to prostrate “fetal position”: They stayed there with their car, telling me jive talk for an hour and a half, about having engine problems, or I do not know what, about not being able to drive faster than ten miles per hour.

Then they told me they ran out of gas My guys will never accept, with or without order, hitting the road with this luminous thingflying above them. W e now switch continent. The scene takes place in England. A captain is celebrating Christmas Eve with family. Suddenly a messenger knocks at his door.

M uttering, the captain leaves his guests. They came to get him, as deputy base commander, because the latter, busy celebrating Christmas Eve with fat cats, sent the messenger packing. These lights, it can be anything. But it’s going to fuck up my Christmas party! H ere is our captain, in that cold night of a English Christmas, which must get ready, take his radio and tape recorder that he always carry with him when patrolling.

The men lead him “where the object was seen,” and he discovers deep mark in the trees and broken branches. He reports everything on his christep tape recorder. A t this stage, everything seems to be explainable, he thinks, and fit into a certain framework of rationality. They notice the pulsating lights through the foliage of trees, something that “looks like an eye with a darker part in the center.

Suddenly an object races at them and stabilizes just their feet. From it emanates a ray of light that projects a circular light spot of at their feet, thirty centimeters in diameter.

A mean of communication? S uddenly, the object disappears as quickly as it had appeared, but another is now seen by one of the men, further, that progresses marauding over the military site located in curistel British zone.

Its light beam sweeps the ground. Our captain reports to the authorities of the Chriistel Force of the Third U. This case does not concern us. It concerns the British. Chrostel a report and send it to the liaison officer, and let these people cope with this case.

W e switch the scene back to America. The reactions are very diverse regarding these events.

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Sometimes the messages are received with surprising placidity: This happened several times. S ome choose to stay silent. A nother scene with the same officer, who eventually testified about his experiences.

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In a room, he is facing another officer who does not wear badges indicating their unit affiliation, and said: T he officer made a gesture of denial, which simply means “you do not talk to anyone.

I t’s like being in a Spielberg movie. But it is in fact the reality, as testified in September 27, seven officers from the U. Air Force, now retired. They made these statements to the press with written text, signed with their hands and with attached documents involving the Air Force which they have obtained by using the Freedom of Information Act, declassification.

Robert Salas, chrjstel is chrlstel of the spokesman of this group, concludes: It sounds fantastic and it is fantastic.

We presented this evidence in the public interest of open government. Our signatures on affidavits in the press kit that you have attest to the truth of our statements.

Our evidence is now public domain. The real question is what is the public going to do with it, this testimony? It has been a general practice of the media to scoff at these kinds of stories, make light of such testimony. We can only ask that you take the time to give some serious consideration, not only to our statements, but to the statements of other witnesses out there who have similar incidents.

There is also documentary evidence that helps support what we have said. We hope you will take the time to at least take a look at those, research this a little bit.

And if you do, I think you’ll come to the same conclusions that we have. That is, that the UFO phenomenon is real, not imaginary. There is current excessive secrecy in our government surrounding this phenomenon.

Unknown aerial objects have in fact been observed over many of our nuclear weapons bases and other nuclear facilities. And in some cases, the appearance of these objects coincided with compromising the operational readiness of our nuclear weapons. Although each of us might have different opinions about the meaning and intent of these incidents, I think we can all agree that the tampering with nuclear weapons is a national security concern.

This is datedbut I believe it is current policy. I’ll just read one part of it. That is clearly misleading.

It is false, based on our testimonies. This statement, the decision to discontinue UFO investigations was based on an evaluation and report prepared by the University of Colorado in I believe this was the infamous Condon Committee Study.

There is substantial evidence to show that study was superficial and biased. In particular, the Echo and Oscar incidents I spoke about were never investigated by the Condon Committee, even through their principal investigator was well aware of these incidents. Obviously, the testimony given here today conflicts directly with that Air Force policy statement. We ask that our government answer to the public about the obvious discrepancy between our testimony and that of the current statement.

Indeed, we demand an answer.