Architect, planner, activist and theoritician, Charles Correa of India has earned his place as a major figure in contemporary architecture. His. Belapur is a new node in Nerul some two ki- houses surrounding an open space of 12 x 12 lometres bines those principles Correa believes to be ence, well. We show the use of shape grammars as an analytical method to study the design of Belapur social housing development, designed by Charles Correa, in

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We do have lost a legend who could have given the world much more than he did in the last 50 belapir. Much to my dismay that I never got bbelapur know him personally. I suppose, his family, friends or people who have known or worked with him must have and would be facing immense grief.

But yes, i am still sad; to an extent. Because with his death, not only a person died, but, a style died, an aroma died. There will no more be any building like the ones he made or the types of building he was fond of.

Nevertheless, chaeles feeling that is only associated with Charles and his buildings is still alive, at least for now. Indeed, Charles houisng given us multiple great works for remembrance and inspiration. But, people are mortal and so are buildings.

They would soon perish. Correa has done great forrea in the field of sustainability and energy conscious buildings-the ones that cirrea the need of today. Is it really necessary? The least I can do to show my admiration and respect for the man is to tell readers about what he did that affected our lives or what can we learn from him and apply in our designs. He believed in improving the present slums into urban districts gradually, rather than demolishing and rebuilding.


He focused on preserving the architectural identity; may it be through form or using elements of a particular architecture style. He designed buildings that were used by a wide variety of public; people of different caste, religion, rich or poor.

He wanted all of them to live with harmony despite their differences. What can be better if you can get a home which also helps in income generation? One such example is the Belapur housing where space was provided for keeping the buffaloes. Buildings which are responsive to the climate of place and needs of people.

Belapur incremental housing

He believed that the sky is a blessing and it makes you closer to gods and heaven, which is reflected in his designs with open-to-sky concept.

Also, it can be used to store goat, buffaloes etc. Architecture is the same. We now want to go from where we started-mud walls and hut. We see an example of this in Belapur incremental charkes. You have to be open to changes; architecture has be open to changes.

Look at the image below, how with time, the house changed. A similar art museum building- Nousing Bhawan designed by him. When you enter the building premises, the descending steps give a welcoming feel. It opens itself slowly, letting you absorb and admire the very beauty of even small elements.


That is, designing according to the local vernacular. There are numerous factors like material availability, climate, and psychology of humans that contributes in the design of a building. Architecture is no doubt a never-ending and continuous quest for comfort and design.

Charles truly understood this meaning and gave the world many wonders. Menu Skip to content Home About Contact.

Here are 10 things that you must know about him that will of tremendous help in designing: He worked on 6 basic principles: All of this within a modern environment. A friend of his used to say, that the hippy is sending us a signal: Correa often complained that architects are now getting too much dependent on the engineers, on mechanical systems.


We have lost our imagination as architects. One wonderful example is the cultural centre in Jaipur, the Jawahar Kala Kendra. It is based on the concept of the Navagraha, the mandala of nine planets; fundamental to Hindu astrology. A grid of 9 planetary squares houses the galleries, theatres, museums and auditoriums, with the corner square rotated to create cotrea entrance.

He created voids and surfaces, beautifying the appearance and pleasing the eye without using expensive materials. He worked on major projects that were sustainable and energy conscious.

He even worked on low cost housing for the urban poor. Correa usually avoided high-rise belapr solutions, focusing instead on low-rise solutions that were according to the human scale and created a sense of community. Though, we also know that he housung Kanchenjunga apartments-a 32 storey high rise building.

But even then, he focused on vernacular architecture and designed according to needs of the user. He gave open sit out spaces with full provision of natural light and ventilation, unlike most flats designed today.

Belapur incremental housing | Sensing Architecture

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