The meeting of the Coordination Chemistry Discussion Group (CCDG) will take place at the University of East Anglia on the 7th and 8th of. The Chief of Capability Development Group (CCDG) was head of the Capability Development Vice Admiral, Peter Jones · AO, DSC, RAN, RAN, November , 31 October , ♤2 years, days. Lieutenant . Support CCDG on Patreon .. Enduro Bowl · Masters Cup MPO · Santa Maria Open · Santa Maria Open · End of the Trail Classic .

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One yet to come. Copying files from one place to another. It takes practice, time on the course during a tournament, the right equipment, a decent computer, video editing software, and of course time.

I have been looking at some of the more popular disc golf tournament footage channels on Youtube. I wanted to see how they started out. How did things look when they started? Text, graphics, video resolution. All of it has to start somewhere. What am I doing that others have moved past? I decided to go with Central Coast Disc Golf for this post.

Ian first posted disc golf videos way back in His first videos are of the Santa Maria Open. First, is the title text used in them.

Ian started with Windows Live Movie Maker, which was very limited in its capabilities. It could make a good simple video, which is what they all are. Second, is that from the very first video, Ian was doing commentary. It was all Ian in the Santa Maria videos. He does have a very smooth voice that is candy to the ears. I know many folks hope he continues doing disc golf videos for a very long time. Just a few months after the Santa Maria Open videos, Ian got a new camera. According to the details on Amazon, it shoots p60 and has an 18x optical zoom.

According to a Wikipedia article about Youtube, p videos were allowed in November of So there is quite a time gap between camera capabilities and what we were able to view. Almost 3 years just looking at the CCDG channel videos. After getting the new camera, not much changed for quite a while. More of the same simple text titles.

This was also when Ian jumped to Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing. A rendering issue on one of the videos necessitated the move to the industry standard for video editing. More of the same continues in the videos after the Coyote Classic videos.

The graphics work improves somewhat, mostly in the area of the images that are used in the videos. 211 graphics, hole graphics, ccddg the use of stills from the videos to give you an idea of where the basket is by the use of a highlight arrow. The next upgrade in the CCDG timeline was the introduction of p60 videos.


Like the YouTube history Wikipedia page mentions, it was October of that 60fps videos were enabled. There are some graphics upgrade noticeable in the video.

Hole graphics during the scorecard segments look to be taken from the caddy book.

Chief Capability Development Group

Also, there are some lower third graphics that pop up with info to help the viewer know who is throwing. Going further along in the viewer info line, the Beaver State Fling videos are the first ones that I find where the hole info is present during the parts where the players are throwing and putting. Also, an OB indicator flares to life in that video as well for those particular shots.

They may be present in earlier videos, but they are more noticable to me due to the red text and highlight box around the text. When you think of CCDG videos today, there are three things that come to mind. Third, and what has become synonymous with CCDG videos is the intro music.

The song is Rocking to Brock by Unique Syntax feat. The first use of that song I can find is in the Masters Cup round 1 video. Just a short usage of it right at the beginning, and nothing like what we see today.

Coordination Chemistry Discussion Group (CCDG)

Still, firsts are going to happen, and this is it. The intro graphic is really sweet, featuring folding, flipping, rotating text.

And it only seems to be the CCDG stinger part of the video that comes from Overstable in the first gen. We finally get to the intro we all have become familiar with, and along with Jomez and The Disc Golf Guy, is one of the most recognizable intro among all disc golf videos.

Starting with the San Fransisco Safari published on Feb. Things have changed up just a little since then, and all of us fans have taken in all of the content from CCDG in the last two 2101. Looking back on this media heavy article, I can take a few things away from the evolution of the videos the CCDG has been releasing for the past several years.

The unpredictability of discs when affected by weather and obstacles just makes the job even harder. Unlike other sports, disc golf during play is in a constant state of flux. Ccdf my limited experience filming, you can miss things easily. Fast play, a bad tree kick, unexpected wind gusts, white discs on a blue sky, the list goes on. Even with the experience the crew that is CCDG, it can be hard to film disc golf.

Distractions make it take longer. Having to create graphics adds to it.

Putting in the scores can be a pain. That means he stops recording after each shot and starts again before the next one is made. It speeds up his editing process. I like to record a hole from start to finish. These last two tournaments I figured out a better method of looking through an individual hole to make it a quicker edit.

  3RV1021 4DA10 PDF

That does not mean that Cfdg is more skilled in video work, nor does it mean that the CCDG crew did a bad job before Juan brought his skills to the table.

Coordination Chemistry Discussion Group (CCDG) – Activities – IYC

Taking the best of both created an awesome product that we know and love today. Full life as a husband, dad, Ccdg pro, and disc golfer. News and Social MediaOpinion. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. In the beginning… I have been looking at some of the more popular disc golf tournament footage channels on Youtube. Twitter Facebook Google Reddit Email. Matthew 35, Started playing disc golf January Author archive Author website. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

Instagram Hoping I hit the jackpot with this motherboard.

Getting my ccgd desktop back up and running for an affordable price has been a mission since I effed up the cpu pins in the socket on the original motherboard. Coming from a workstation pc, this ought to be a tough piece of hardware. Now I can be the new petermckinnonn! Nah, it’ll just make doing some videography with my phone easier since I now have a quality tripod.

Caroline Knapp wins again at the CCDG meeting – Dalton Transactions Blog

Merry Christmas to you all! Merry Christmas to everyone! Getting some hole bug and scoring work done. The holidays have been fun so far. Hope y’alls is going just as good. Been held up somewhat with work and family stuff, but they should be out by the New Year. Xcdg Vader is not happy about this mission. Follow me on Twitter My Tweets.

Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join other followers. One thing that most people don’t know about me is my facination with blades. Any type of blade. I love this sogknives FastHawk I picked up several years ago from Walmart for a steal. I’ve used it a bunch hunting to clear a sitting spot.

It’ll take down a small tree easily.