0,5 à 0,7 mm de diamètre,; Rarement vu dans le pommier. Le petit carpocapse de la pomme – La larve du petit carpocapse de la pomme. Translations in context of “carpocapse de la pomme” in French-English from la prune mouche de la pomme puceron lanigère du pommier carpocapse de la. Available online: pommier-et-confusion-sexuelle/ (accessed on 2 June ).

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Gracillariidaeon Apple in California: Management strategies in apple orchards influence earwig community.

The Economic Impact of Bird Damage to cv. Part 1 — Characteristics of the orchard Hort. Part 2 — Fruit characteristics and their storage potential Hort.

Pesticides and Beneficial organisms — — Harmful and beneficial entomofauna carpocapze apple orchards grown under different management systems. Monitoring dynamics of environmental factors and study of their influence on apple growth and fructification into the superintensive culture. Planning for Success in the 21st Century.

The effects of apple orchard ground cover management on green apple aphids Aphis spp. Evaluating the environmental impacts of conventional and organic apple production in Nova Scotia, Canada, through life cycle assessment. Postharvest Biology and Technology Volume 73, NovemberPages 56—62 Biocontrol of apple postharvest decay by Aureobasidium pullulans.

Translation of “carpocapse de la pomme” in English

Zemdirbyste Agriculture — — Toxicity of biopesticides to green apple aphid, predatory insects and mite in an apple-tree orchard. Postharvest Biology and Technology 26 91—98 Characterization of biocontrol activity of two yeast strains from Uruguay against blue mold of fu. Integrated control of Cydia species in apple orchards: Postharvest Biology and Caarpocapse 46 — In vitro and in situ study of postharvest apple blue mold biocontrol by Aureobasidium pullulans: Evidence for the involvement of competition for nutrients.


Food safety and quality throughout the apple export chain. Tortricidae phenology and predicting egg hatch in apple orchards of the Maule Region, Chile. J Sci Food Agric.

Pommes, pommiers et leurs bioagresseurs (Dosser de liens, B Peiffer) | ForumPhyto

Effect of the use of anti-hail nets on codling moth Cydia pomonella and carpoocapse quality of apple cv. Braeburn grown in Alto Adige Region northern Italy.

Biocontrol Science and Technology. Do fermentation odours affect the attraction and oviposition behaviour in codling moth? Commercialization of granuloviruses for control of codling moth in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Novel findings on its distribution and diversity.

Tortricidaeon a degree-day scale in North America. pomier

Optimization ud a mass-rearing system to produce codling moth, Cydia pomonella, for a Sterile Insect Release programme in South Africa.

Efficacy of entomopathogenic nematodes Rhabditida: Heterorhabditidae and Steinernematidae against codling moth, Cydia pomonella Lepidoptera: Tortricidae in temperate regions.

Pommes, pommiers et leurs bioagresseurs (Dosser de liens, B Peiffer)

Key elements in the successful control of diapausing codling moth, Cydia pomonella Lepidoptera: Tortricidae in wooden fruit bins with a South African isolate of Heterorhabditis zealandica Rhabditida: Biological and ecological factors contributing to the successful use of entomopathogenic nematodes Rhabditida: Dj and Carpicapse for the control of codling moth, Cydia pomonella L.

Tortricidae under South African conditions. Use of pheromones to control Cydia Pomonella on appel. Using entomopathogenic nematodes to manage codling moth in organic apple orchards in Michigan.

Le Carpocapse de la pomme et de la poire by Nel Van Weyenbergh on Prezi Next

Tortricidae with pear ester- and codlemone-baited traps in apple orchards treated with sex pheromone mating disruption. Biological Control of Codling Moth: Parasitoid Releases in Walnuts, Apples, and Pears. Biological control of rosy apple aphid Dysaphis plantaginea sentinel colonies and the natural enemy community associated with it: The plant pathology journal.


Managing Fungicide Resistance in Apple Scab. Lutter contre la tavelure du pommier par temps humide. Les gloeosporioses de la pomme: BMC Evolutionary Biology Identification of Effectors in Venturia inaequalis — PhD.

Pest Management Science Volume 67, Issue 5, pages —, May Sensitivity to strobilurin fungicides of Italian Venturia inaequalis populations with different origin and scab control.

Innovative strategies for the control of apple scab Venturia inaequalis [Cke. Crop Protection 22 — The impact of fungicides to control apple scab Venturia inaequalis on the predatory mite Anystis baccarum and its prey Aculus schlechtendali apple rust mite in Northern Ireland Bramley orchards.

New Zealand Plant Protection Hybridization and the spread of the apple maggot fly, Rhagoletis pomonella Diptera: Tephritidaein the northwestern United States. Carpocpase in the Western United States: Introduced Species or Native Farpocapse

Tephritidae learn to associate presence of food on foliage with foliage color? Parmi ces liens, on pourra retenir: Autres informations anglophones concernant le secteur de la pomme: Tortricidae phenology and predicting egg hatch in apple orchards of the Maule Region, Chile Pakistan J.