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Skip to main lenhuaje. Log In Sign Up. Whatever Happened to Karl Lnguaje One York University suspects that Buhler was chosen because the example is such a striking one. If Buhler is mentioned at all in texts on the history of psychology, it is in connection with his early Abstract work as Oswald Kiilpc’s assistant at the Uni- The work of Karl Buhler is not particularly versity of Wiirzburg e.

Hothersall, ; well known dwl English-speaking countries. It was tory of psychology, it is in connection with his Buhler’s work on ‘imageless thought’ which early work at the University of Wiirzburg. This buuler off the famous controversy with work represents only the start of Buhler’s Wilhelm Wundt over the methods of the career in psychology. He subsequently pro- ‘Wiirzburg School’. Durr, who was one of his observers, and by Buhler’s work has had a profound — though von Aster. Titchcncr, of course, criticized the largely unnoticed — influence on later entile movement.

Buhler, however, left the thinkers. It has also been the subject of a total picture of thought without important revival of interest in Europe in recent years. Boring mentions Buhler only in the context In a wide-ranging article on the historio- of Kiilpe’s students at Wurzburg and as the graphy of psychology, Wcimcr has editor of Kiilpe’s posthumous “Vorlesungen” discussed ubhler he calls “the suppression of [Lectures] Kiilpe, With regard to the psychological history” p.

Weimer latter, Boring only comments that “Buhler points out that ‘history’ is inevitably selective. If this was Buhler’s only work of any who arc practising psychologists —- have significance, then his minor role buuler the his- some general idea of what psychology is and tory of psychology would be perfecdy jus- how it ought to be done.

This will lead them tified. Let us lake a closer look at this to select out certain aspects of psychology’s ‘minor’ Figure in order to see why Buhler is past and to ignore others. Weimer argues such an interesting case.

Few historians of psychology will delib- Concept of Gestalt erately suppress ‘history’. They arc simply Biihlcr’s work as part of the ‘Wiirburg not aware of its existence. Works which teoris School’ represents only the start of his career not have a major impact on psychology will in psychology.

He subsequendy moved, disappear from the ‘collective memory’ of together with Kiilpe, to the University of psychologists.

Bonn in and to the University of Weimer illustrates these points with the Munich in This was one of the plete if il did lengjaje convey his impact as a earliest attempts to experiment with Gestalt teacher. His curiosity was contagious, his lan- phenomena. His major work on the subject — whereas his obvious enjoyment of the business Die geistige Entwicklung des Tdoria [The of thinking held his audience of several hun- Mental Development of the Child] — dred students spellbound through many appeared in Biihlcr, This work courses in general psychology, p.

An abridged version of prominent in the United States. This had reached its 5th Lazarsfeld moved to Columbia and eventually edition by Buhler, a. An English became President of die American Sociologi- translation appeared in the following year cal Association. Else Frenkel-Brunswik is per- Buhler, b. Psychological Institute in With die help and support of his wife, Charlotte Buhler, he Possible Integration rapidly transformed it into one of the major Buhler turned his attention to theoretical centres of psychology in Europe.

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Like the and mctiiodological issues in the s.

“la Teoría Del Lenguaje De Carlos Bühler,” Por Ramón Ceñal Lorente, S. J

Some of the integrated. The work originally appeared as better known figures who studied there an article in the journal, Kant-Studien [Kant include: In his review of the third edi- tion, G. One thinks, for example, of Fechner’s now at the peak of his career.

He had Psychophysik, of Brcntano’s Psychologic vom already made important contributions to the empirischen Standpunkt, and of the work here psychology of diought, perception, Gcstalt under review, Buhlcr’s Die Krise der theory, developmental psychology and Uicor- Psychologie.

The last named was published in etical psychology. The best was yet to come. Biihler went on to produce a series of Recently, I have heard rumors that all three important works on language and expression of these neglected classics arc now in the in the s: Die Axiomatik der Sprachwissen- process of belated translation.

I hope that the schaflen [The Axiomatization of the Lan- rumors become realities, p. This may explain why Biihler, The latter has been des- it is so rarely discussed by English-speaking cribed as “the richest, most original and theoretical psychologists. He lectured has had a profound — though largely unnot- throughout Europe during his years in iced — influence on later thinkers. He also spoke at the APA con- Sprachlheorie, we believe, presents the most vention in and took part in the advanced psychological analysis of the general ‘Wittenberg Symposium’ on feelings and structure of language, p.

Biihler returned to the United States in to give The authors add in a footnote: He was elected President of works on language by American psychologists, the German Psychological Society in the p. Biihler’s international reputation — as This situation has hardly changed today.

For a comparison of the two to Werner and Kaplan from Germany. It works, see Pleh Maicrs has argued that both these works are of relevance to the con- 3 “Esta Teoria del Lenxuaje de Karl Buhler es fed vez tinuing ‘monism pluralism’ debate in theoretical el libro mas rico, original y preciso quc sc ha escrilo psychology.

Why is it refugees from Central Europe who came to that his work is virtually unknown to psychol- Britain and the United States in the s. This Biihlcr provided the theoretical basis for the takes us back to “the suppression of psycho- Linguistic Circle of Prague.

Two of its central logical history”. Weimer suggests that members, Roman Jakobson and Jan Muka- Boring may have felt ‘snubbed’ when Buhler rovsky, were heavily indebted to him e. Jakobson Harvard — an offer which had been ten- wrote that Biihler’s work was “for dered by Boring himself.

Biihler also lenguje a pro- history of psychology after In the first found impact on philosophy. One of the edition of his history, there are half a leading epistemologists of the 20th century, dozen references to Buhler on ten dell In his auto- ence. Kohler, in comparison, had fifteen, and biography, Popper wrote: Koffka and Wcrthcimer had six each.

In the edition, by contrast, there were two ref- From my lenguajee at the Institute I learned erences to Buhler and two more citations of very little, but I learned much from Karl researchwhile Kohler had twenty-one, Buhler, Professor of Psychology at the Uni- Koffka ten and Werlheimcr seventeen.


The versity of Vienna Most important for my only research of Buhler’s cited by Boring was own future development was his theory of the the early work at Wurzburg. There is now a growing litera- States.

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This has led one biogra- docs not mention Bfihler in ally oi his published or unpublished works Eschbach, a. No one pher to conclude: Charlotte Buhler, who Psychology, contains a partial translation of otic of had one Jewish parent, held a visiting professorship Buhler’s early articles on language Blmnenihal, in Norway at the lime. Her name appeared on a Buhler’s theory of language is far too com- later list of professors who were to be dismissed “on plex to summarize in a few lines.

The most detailed racial grounds” Ash, ; p. After interven- account in English can be found in Innis Whatever Happened to Karl lliihler? The German Psychological His major works had never been trans- Society look the opportunity to award him lated into English. Buhler returned to the United Slates where he spent With the end of Buhlcr’s career in Europe his final years.

Certain changes were taking ciiine also the end of his contact with the place which might have helped to prepare mainstream of linguistic thought.

Karl Bühler – Encyclopaedia Herder

In the the way for a greater appreciation of his United Slates both psychologists and linguists work. Psychology had begun to throw off the were at the time too strongly committed to shackles of behaviourism and there was a behaviorism to receive the newly arrived rep- growing interest in language and diought.

It resentative of a school of thought considered is no accident diat die works of Piaget and ‘menialislic’.

His major works had never been teoeia College in Duluth, Minnesota. Cut oil” from lated and were known to only a few. Buhler his culture and language — as well as the was invited to take part in a conference of facilities and stimulation of a large university linguists at the University of Indiana in — he found it very difficult to adapt to but he was already 83 years old and too ill to American psychology or to life in the Ameri- attend.

He died in Los Angeles on October can Midwest. He continued to do research 26, having never held a university appointment in die United States or a posi- but his work was rejected by publishers and tion commensurate with his status in Europe has never appeared in print.

Buhler, unsuccessful attempts to find a position at a After his retirement, he ‘unknown’ figure. He was invited to attend the and work should be re-examined. The last International Congress of Psychology in few years have seen a revival of interest in Bonn and was made ‘Honorary President’ Biihler’s theories in Europe. Some writers for the occasion. An expanded version of his have begun to speak of a “Buhler-Renais- address was published in German as a book 8 Some writers have seen the ‘cognitive revolution’ 7 Buhler had been a prolific author before The only works that he As Danzigcr pointed out in a recent published in English were two articles which CPA address, this view is highly ethnocentric.