I think you can get the script book for about a fiver each. So buy one and photocopy it I guess Or are you after a freebie? 😉 and not. Enter baby-faced Bugsy Malone, a killer with the ladies and a definite asset to Fat The book contains a stimulating playscript suitable for classwork and school. Bugsy Malone () Movie Script. Read the Bugsy Malone full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show.

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Someone once said if it was raining brains Roxy Robinson wouldn’t even get wet.

Roxy spent his life making two and two into five. He could smell trouble like others smelled gas.

Bugsy Malone (1976) Movie Script

But believe you me You work for Fat Sam? Whatever game it was, sure as eggs I should be filling you in. This guy’s the hero of our story. Name of Bugsy Malone.

A nice guy, a little too popular with the broads. Italian mother, Irish father. By the way, my name’s Sam. Fat Sam, because of my physique. I ain’t no dumb-bell. And this ain’t no bookshop. This is my place. Fat Sam’s Grand Slam. Best joint in town. We interrupt this program to bring you a news flash. We have reports of an incident on the Lower East side Believed to be a member of the gang of mobster king Robinson was the victim of a We go over to our reporter on the spot How’d you allow this to happen?


Roxy was one of my best! What have you got to say You’re a disgrace to the profession. And most of all, a disgrace to me. And we all know who’s behind this. Don’t need a hatful of brains So who is it, dummies? Don’t mention that name in this office! Take it easy, boss, sit down. I’m a singer, for the audition.

I don’t need a singer. How about my audition?

Bugsy Malone Script (and music!)

You said okay last week. Am I going mad? Are my ears playing tricks on me? Will you get out of here! Dancers, dancers, surrounded by namby-pamby dancers You’ve got us, boss. You hunk of lard!

You got muscles where you should have brains. My canary’s got more brains than you! Don’t worry, I’ve been trying to see him for months. But all he says is come back tomorrow. How many times can I come back tomorrow? Anybody who is anybody At Fat Sam’s Grand Slam speakeasy.

Bugsy Malone Script (and music!) | TES Community

Always able to find you a table Once you get here, bugwy the cheer Fat Sam ain’t humble Plans are made here I could write a book. Each night astounds you, rumors are buzzin’ Look around you, cousin Anybody who is anybody will soon walk through the door There’s a politician sitting by the kitchen Plans are made here, games are played here Each night astounds you Look around you, cousin, at the news maone making here.


Hey, Mac, special on the rocks. You look like you put your face on backwards this morning.

What’s that, a hockey stick? No, a baseball bat. You’re a baseball player? My mother made me pack it. Sounds like a loaf of bread. A stale loaf of bread. Pleased to meet you. Just a little excitement. I wanna see everyone enjoying themselves. Can’t say Fat Sam’s place ain’t the liveliest joint in town. Knuckles, this means trouble. Step on it, Jackson.

Get me out of here. I don’t know the answer.

Bugsy Malone () Movie Script | SS

Kalone do the guns come from? I’m not at liberty to say. O’Dreary, break up the crowd. Is it true that only one gang uses the gun? Can I give you a lift? How you gonna give me a lift?

Stand me on a box? I don’t share fares. I wouldn’t dream of it. It’s a nice night. You shouldn’t walk at night. We got your baseball bat. Quit the “we” bit. You mean, I’ll be okay. Let me take that. No, it’s all right. Look, beat it, will you? You should start a library. You should shut your mouth.

I do that when I’m broke, too.