provides services of Brihaspati Stotram in English in pdf, Read Brihaspati Stotram in English, Free Downlaod Brihaspati Stotram in. Brihaspati Kavacham. Bruhaspati is also known as Deva-guru i.e guru of the pati is the god of wisdom and eloquence. Bṛhaspati. Rudrayāmale Sarasvatīstotram. Bṛhaspati spoke: O Sarasvatii! I do salutations to You, Who is consciousness, Who is situated inside heart.

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Shri Brihaspati Kavacham has the power to fulfill all the wishes in life.

One should listen or practice this kavacham for attaining education, knowledge, vastness, growth and expansion in life. Hence this Brihaspati Kavacham is to be recited daily three times to be free from such troubles.

Navagraha Mantras for Brihaspati – Jyotish-Vedic Astrology

Save my name, email, and website in this browser brihaaspati the next time I comment. Grihaspati New Year Firework Gif. Happy New Year Gif. Happy New Year Wallpapers. Home Hindu Kavacham Brihaspati Kavacham. Who gives whatever you wish. He is worshiped by gods.


Let my forehead be protected by Guru. Let my ears be protected by Guru of Gods. Let my nose be protected by Vedparagaha i. Let my mouth be protected by knower of everything.

Let my throat be protected by Master of Gods.

Let my hands be protected by Shubhaprada i. Let my teats be protected by Vagisha i. Let my kukshi be protected by Shubhalakshana. Let my middle part of the body be protected by Sukhaprada. Dtotram my loins be protected by Jagtvandya i.

Let my breast be protected by Vagpati. Let my feet be protected by Vishwatmakaha.

Let other parts of my body be protected by Guru. If Jupiter Bruhaspati is not favorable in the horoscope, then it is requested to recite this Bruhaspati Kavacham daily with concentration, devotion and faith in mind to make the life happy, peaceful and prosperous.

Read / Download Brihaspati Stotram in English

Brihaspati called the Guru of other deities. Brahaspati represents knowledge, wisdom and Satva guna. If Jupiter is not good and strong in birth chart, native may suffer from many problems, like over weight, lever problem, obstacles in work, disgrace in family and society.


Native should chant prayers of him to reduce these effects. Brihaspati called lord of planet Jupiter. Brihaspati Kavcham armour prevents obstacles and sorrows. Recitation of Brahaspati Stotram and mantra in proper pronunciation may help to minimize evil effects of planets.

Guru is associated with Sapphire gemstone.

Recitation of stotras and Kavch of Jupiter burn sin and sorrows. Download Nulled WordPress Themes. Please enter your comment!

Brihaspati Kavacham

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