Faith Healer has ratings and 29 reviews. Declan said: When I recently read Donal Ryan’s The Spinning Heart – a novel which consists of a sequence of. “The writing is beautiful, supple, rhythmical, charged with the slow, sure throb of despair and enchantment Brian Friel is the most profound and poetic of. Brian Friel’s Faith Healer (written in ,1 and premiered on 5 April. ) has earned a great deal of public acclaim and scholarly attention, and rightly sits as.

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The Fantastic Francis Hardy: Accompanied by his wife or maybe mistress Grace, and ex-vaudevillian manager Hfaler, Francis travels the fading towns of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, scratching out a living curing the ill, strengthening the weak and liberating the doomed of their hope.

Wrestling with faith, memory and truth, Faith Healer is a story of the ties that bind us together, sometimes to our detriment. Access pre-show notes here. Listen to a recorded version of the pre-show notes here. Buy tickets for an Audio Descibed ffriel here. Read the full story.


Faith Healer five-star review – Brian Friel’s masterpiece of stage mystery

Like some unknowable force kept tripping him up. Faith Healer takes place in a world painted entirely in muddy shades of grey; a world where truth and reality friwl movable, fluid.

They shift and change form depending on who is telling the story, who is recounting events, and what their agenda is. Truth is constructed entirely through memory.

Faith Healer

As a result it becomes fallible. Here we collect some modern day faith healers in the tradition of Friel who have allegedly fiddled with the truth to present a reality that suited them, and the identity they were creating for themselves. David Grant quite literally wrote the book on Brian Friel. criel

Here, we chat about the work of the legendary playwright and place Faith Healer in the context of his other work. Your generous support makes a world of difference. Find out more about how you can play a part in our healsr. Join us for a mesmerising night in the theatre. You might just leave a believer.


Set Designer Brian Thomson.

Faith Healer by Brian Friel

Costume Designer Tess Schofield. Lighting Designer Verity Hampson. Subscriber Briefing Mon 24 Sep5: Wed 26 Sep6: Tue 2 Oct6: Sponsors Presenting Partner Presenting Partner.

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