Essential website for info about the traditional Catholic breviary. Includes entire text of Divine Office in Latin and English. Where can I recite the divine office for free online?” This has come up again Breviarium Meum – Older Roman Breviary The Franciscan Friars. Traditional Roman Breviary for those who would like to pray the Divine Office in Latin: Morning Prayers Lauds Evening Vespers Night Compline.

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To submit news, send e-mail to the contact team. Rather frequently I am asked the question, “I don’t have a breviary but would like to try pray it.

Where can I recite the divine office for free online? The answer to that question onllne that you can get it in quite a number of places depending on the medium you hope to use and which version of the Divine Office you are speaking of. The advantage of these online editions of the Divine Office, of course, is that they are an easy, unintimidating way for people to get started into the Office, both for the reason that they require no initial outlay of money to try it out, and also because they take one through the Office without having to knline learn how the Office is structured; you just read along.


These online editions are also useful for situations where having the actual books is impractical, or where they are quite simply not at your disposal. That said, one will ideally want to get the books and learn the structure of the Office of course, but even then, these online editions will still serve the neophyte as a useful reference as you learn how to follow your breviary.

Now, with all that said, let us look at some of what is out there. And please note, I am not suggesting I have gone through each of these with a fine tooth comb, but this might serve as a starting point for your search inline what is right for you.

What I would highlight, however, is that romajum can come here to pray either the Monastic breviary or the older Roman breviary — and it is usable from any web browser. I’ve only just now noticed that it also has an interesting “compare” feature.

Get Your Own Latin Breviary |

The texts are available in Latin, English or Hungarian. The text appears to be available in English only — at least on the website. It is available in Latin with the ability to turn on a parallel translation in English.

There are versions for smartphones as well as a web-based versioniBreviaryWeb. You have a choice of menus in English or Spanish.


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Pray the Breviarium Romanum Online In Latin

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