Manuals and User Guides for Bowflex Motivator Strength Training System. We have 1 Bowflex Motivator Strength Training System manual available for free PDF. Bowflex Strength Training System Owner’s Manual. Motivator Strength Training System Fitness Equipment pdf manual download. Also for: Motivator. View and Download Bowflex Motivator 2 owner’s manual online. Bowflex Home Gym Owner’s Manual. Motivator 2 Home Gym pdf manual download.

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Only he mqnual she can determine the exercise program that is appropriate for your particular age and condition. Please read all safety precautions and warning information prior to using your product. Be sure to replace any warning label if damaged, illegible, or missing.

Please make sure all users read, understand, and follow the warning labels on the home gym. See Figure 1 for general use safety label. The warning label in Figure 1 is located on the back of the lat tower. Get To Know Your Bowflex Please take your time to read through the entire manual and follow it carefully before attempting to use your Bowflex gym.

Also locate and read all warning labels that are posted on the machine. Use the rod binding strap included with your machine to bind all the rods together at the top.

To adjust the seat, pull out the Seat Rail Knob, then slide the seat to one of the three locking manal on the Seat Rail. The following program was created by Dr. It contains a rigorous fitness and dietary program. Please consult your physician before beginning any fitness or dietary program. Some of the names of the Only he or she can determine whether this course is motifator for your particular age and condition. The exercises performed on it allowed the participants to build muscle, which accelerated their metabolisms, and produced faster and greater fat losses.

Record each measurement on your Results Summary Sheet. Suprailium, triceps, and thigh. Chest, abdomen, and thigh. Stand relaxed with most of the weight on your left leg.


Pick up a skinfold in the vertical plane on the front side of the right thigh, midway between the hip and knee joints. This way, your height in both sets of photos is equal and more valid comparisons can be made.


A nomogram for the estimate of percent body fat from generalized equations. Or you may fax this sheet to Bowflex Results at Please include your name, address, and phone number. We suggest you substitute Rear Deltoid Rows for the upright Row exercise.

This is a scientifically proven program that works. More is not better. Any additional exercise other than the amount recommended can and will harm your fat loss. For example, anyone with motiavtor kidney disorder, or anyone who takes diuretics, should consult a physician before going on the recommended water-drinking schedule.

If you have any doubts about the recommendations, play it safe and check with your doctor. For bofwlex results, follow them exactly.

Arm exercises, Lying triceps extension, French press – Bowflex Motivator 2 User Manual

Every attempt has been made to utilize current popular brand names and accurate calorie counts, which are listed in the menus. Choose calories from afternoon snack selections plus the following: Frozen microwave dinners or entrees: Under no circumstances could Here are the proper breathing guidelines to follow: One suggestion is to team up with a partner.

That level is your daily calorie requirement. By then, however, you should know the value of being a smart shopper and a wise eater. Define Your Goals Your body will do what you train it to do. Here are some fitness components that will help you define your goals and choose your fitness program.

Muscle Strength is the maximum force that you can exert against resistance at one time. Define Your Goals Design Your Own Program You may want to design your own personal program specifically geared to your goals and lifestyle. Designing a program is easy, as long as you follow the guidelines below. Understand fitness and its components: Motivaator designed programs can be dangerous. Cooling Down An essential part of the exercise routine is the cool down.

Chest Exercises Bench Press Muscles worked: Limit and control your range of motion. Decline Bench Press Muscles worked: Chest Exercises Resisted Punch Muscles worked: Anterior Deltoid; Triceps Bench Position: Flat Bench Back Accessory: Rear Deltoid Rows Muscles worked: Shoulder Extension Muscles worked: Shoulder Exercises Scapular Protraction Muscles worked: Serratus Anteriors Bench Position: Lean head back against the bench.


Lying Front Shoulder Raise Muscles worked: Front and Middle Deltoids Bench Position: Flat Bench Forward Accessory: Seated Lateral Shoulder Raise Muscles worked: Back Exercises Muscles worked: Bent Lat Bar Pulleys: Seated Lat Rows Muscles worked: Arm Exercises French Press Muscles worked: Seated Biceps Curl Muscles worked: Arm Exercises Muscles worked: Reverse Curl Muscles worked: Brachialis; Brachioradialis; Biceps Bench Position: Forearms; Brachialis Bench Position: Rectus Abdominus Bowfles Position: Rectus Abdominus; Obliques Bench Position: Maintain normal neck posture.

Use only low weight Rods. Leg Exercises Muscles worked: Tibialis Anterior and Posterior Bench Position: Gluteus Maximus Bench Position: Piriformis; Gluteus Maximus Bench Position: We want you to know that the Bowflex is a superior product. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Bowflex, and Motivator are registered trademarks of Nautilus Inc. This warranty is not transferable All others are trademarks of their respective companies.

Also See for Motivator 2 Owner’s manual – 83 pages Assembly instructions manual – 16 pages. Page of 66 Go. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Bowflex Motivator 2 Assembly Instructions Manual 16 pages.

Bowflex Motivator Strength Training System Manuals

Bowflex home gym owner’s manual and fitness guide 73 pages. Bowflex revolution xp home gym assembly instructions 32 pages. Summary of Contents for Bowflex Motivator 2 Page 1: Home Gym Special Edition Includes: Page 5 Label boflex Home Gym Get To Know Your Bowflex Please take your time to read through the entire manual and follow it carefully before attempting to use your Bowflex gym.

Page 14 6 Thighs — high, just below the buttocks crease with legs apart and weight distributed equally on both feet. Page 15 Maunal relaxed with most of the weight on your left leg. Page 16 6 When you get the film developed tell the processors to make your after photos the same size as your previous ones. Page 21 This is a scientifically proven program that works.