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The IREX exam is not necessarily hard, but it requires a lot like a lot of preparation. That was about the right amount of time for me. For a lot of questions the answer will literally be in front of irez, you just need to know where to find it.

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These guidelines can change so my advise is check first, then bring whatever you need in that format. Going through those practise exams mentioned in point 2 above will then really help you navigate through these documents. I irsx that by the time I took the exam I hardly had to use the indexes in the AIP, you almost know instantly where to look.


I used all 10 of my allowed AIP marks to nob get me to sections that I knew would come up.

Drawing the aircraft in tit scenario in question is a great sanity check. This may be a controversial tip but I stand by it. Something about rime ice and turbulence in certain cloud types.

I selected what I thought was most likely to be correct but then on my final sweep through of the questions right before submitting I changed it. There was a fair amount of this in my exam. Turn up to the exam room feeling energised and not fatigued at all.

Instrument Rating Study Guide Bob Tait

But with hard work and lots and lots and lots of studying I managed to pass the exam with a mark that I was very happy with. So if I can do it, anyone can, especially you! Now I have to do the flying and I think I need some revision first!

Yes now you can get started on the practical flying with your Instructor and work on those questions you missed.


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Instrument Rating Study Guide (Bob Tait) – Item No: BT-IREXSG

Use your 10 markings wisely, but use them! Previous Post Next Post.

You may also like July 6, I just ordered the books and am ready to start. You have given me hope. Good on you Ethan, all the very best with your study. Let us know how irdx go! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.