Adaptive Fluidics™ integrates automated aspiration control with Dynamic Infusion Compensation to create the new for stabilizing intraocular pressure, creating a. Stellaris® PC: Fully integrated – Complete combined surgical system. Combined surgical system; Fully upgradeable laser module; Integrated single foot pedal. Tech Spotlight: Bausch + Lomb Stellaris Vision Enhancement System. Corrie Pelc · About Author. Purchasing surgical equipment is a large.

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Purchasing surgical equipment is a large expenditure for any practice. For ophthalmologists who work on both the anterior and posterior segments of the eye, having one system that allows them to perform procedures in both areas may make the most sense. Gonzalez, managing partner at the Valley Retina Institute in McAllen, Texas, the Stellaris Vision Enhancement System is a complete system for managing intraocular surgical procedures in the eye.

Phacoemulsifier / aspiration pump for crystalline residue – Stellaris – Bausch + Lomb – Videos

The Stellaris is a phacoemulsification platform that can be customized to offer excellent control through various fluidic and ultrasound options depending on the surgeon’s etellaris. And the Stellaris PC takes the established Stellaris platform and adds to it the ability for phaco, vitrectomy and combined procedures. Dhaliwal, director of both Cornea and External Disease Service and Refractive Surgery Service at the University of Pittsburgh, and a professor in the Department of Ophthalmology, said the ability to customize the Stellaris system is crucial when you have multiple surgeons — and in this case, residents — using the same machine.


Dhaliwal mainly uses the Stellaris system for cataract surgery. One of the things she likes best about the Stellaris is that it is vacuum-based system because it allows her to build vacuum without occlusion. For surgeons who are used to working with a peristaltic system, Dhaliwal said the transition to a vacuum-based system is not difficult. Deepinder Dhaliwal discusses different phaco settings and Venturi fluidics on the Stellaris platform with resident Siwei Zhou.

Another benefit of the Stellaris system Dhaliwal pointed out is its dual linear foot control. For example, during a phaco procedure the surgeon can yaw and get a burst of vacuum.

Or during an epinucleus removal, the foot pedal is set for vacuum and yawing engages a bit of phaco to clear the instrument tip as needed. And with the Stellaris’ phacoemulsification handpiece, Dhaliwal said its six piezoelectric crystals allows it to provide more efficient cutting while using less energy, making it appropriate for removing both soft and very dense cataracts. Using less power results in less endothelial cell loss and a reduced risk of wound burn.

For vitreoretinal procedures, Gonzalez uses the Stellaris PC system in his practice. From stellais out of the box, Gonzalez was impressed with how easy it was to set up the system.

Like Dhaliwal, Gonzalez likes the dual linear technology of the included wireless foot pedal, which is completely programmable to allow for phacoemulsification or vacuum depending on how the surgeon’s foot is moved. Additionally, the surgeon can yaw from side to side to yield varying cutting and vacuuming rates.

When it comes to the Stellaris PC’s accessories, Gonzalez praised its illumination system including the different colored filters that he said can be used to help identify things such as tissue edges when the lokb is trying oomb grasp membranes from the surface of the retina. While most of what Gonzalez and Dhaliwal have already talked about can be construed as both practice benefits, Gonzalez also added having one system for both cataract and retinal surgeries can help a practice provide the highest quality service to its patients at the most cost-effective level.


Not only is it only one capital expenditure, but there’s only one yearly service contract and Gonzalez purchases procedural packs from only one company.

And ultimately all of these benefits, Dhaliwal said, baucsh her to meet the expectations of her patients who want to see well post-op day one.

Tech Spotlight: Bausch + Lomb Stellaris Vision Enhancement System

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Stellaris Elite

What is the most likely cause? Aqueous misdirection malignant glaucoma Pupillary block Early failure of the bleb with episcleral fibrosis Ciliary body shut down Bleb leak Check The Answer. The Optimis Fusion easily combined with Meet the future of ultrasound biometry, Learn more about writing for us.