New Version of Decoder – posted in Bachmann: On Sep Bachmann announced an upgraded version of the DCC. E-Z Command 1 Amp 4 Function 21 Pin DCC Decoder + Back EMF – Code: , Manufacturer: Bachmann, Gauge: OO Gauge, Category: Decoders,Loco. The has been upgraded to include several new features. Produced for Bachmann by ESU, this decoder is an essential item to get any Branchline model .

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Bachmann Branchline 36-557 21-pin E-Z Command 4-function 1A decoder with back EMF

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Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 14 September – However, the announcement neglects to tell us what those new features are. That is, it lists a number of features but doesn’t emphasise those that are new. Additionally, it fails to tell us how to distinguish the upgraded version from the older version. I enquired about this and received a helpful reply from Bachmann’s customer service manager. The documentation mentions two logic outputs in addition to the normal 4 functions for lighting etc.

Don’t believe the original version had these. Both of these use the 5th function and expect that to be a logic function too. Posted 25 September – This “new version” is actually a completely different decoder, supplied by another decoder manufacturer, ESU. Looks like it’s going to be a fun time trying to find the correct manuals online, or getting the correct advise if something goes wrong or help is needed. Using the old product code for a completely different product strikes me as totally bizarre.

More bizarre by the fact that the Bachman branded 8-pin with harness version of the same ESU Standard model no. Posted 26 September – To those of us who fit 8 pin chips, they are pretty much essential.

They may be yesterday’s news, but they are still relevant, and will be until no-one makes 8 and 21 pin chips. The humdrum cardboard box is very handy for storage when a decoder is in between locomotives. I should think that, once opened, the new packaging will be pretty well useless. Still, nice that the decoder has been upgraded.

Bachmann pin 4-function 1A decoder with back EMF. | Olivias Trains

Care will be needed when ordering through a website! Next 18 was designed by the RCN a group of European manufacturers to provide a small decoder with multiple function outputs. As such, it bachmwnn the Plux 12 which had a chequered history in that when Tillig bachmann conceived of it they simply chopped 4 pins off one side of the Plux The first Plux decoders would not fit in the space allowed for Plux as the pins were centered on the board.


After some debate the standard was revised to allow a Plux with offset pins allowing it to fit in the standard Plux space. Even Hornby in Jouef and Arnold Locos.

Therefore Bachmann is actually following the newer standard. The MTC21 pin socket also went through many changes, with at least 4 different versions over the years. ESU also uses the Next18 interface on some of their drop-in replacement boards for American diesels.

Although I prefer the way Plux was implemented compared to MTC21, for example pins on the decoder and not on the loco board, MTC21 is by no means obsolete. I do wish the 8-pin interface would go away though.

Primarily because it doesn’t define a space envelope for the decoder, and I am tired of trying to figure out where to put the decoder in those locos that have an interface but no defined space. Of course, you can still live with the limited functionality in British non-sound steam locos, where you don’t have any functions to energize. Bachmann is not the only company to change vendors while keeping bcahmann part number the bachmnan Roco did it frequently in the early days of DCC.

Bachmann 36-557. 21-pin 4-function 1A decoder with back EMF.

Things are not as bad as they used to be. Posted 31 October – So that’s a total of eight function outputs. Posted 20 November – Posted 21 November – I’ve only been able to try one in a Kernow 4-TC where it works the lights fine.

I haven’t had a chance to try one in a loco as I’ve been busy first with a club open day and then with electronics modules plus signals for Beggarwood Lane a DCC club layout – a layout topic in this RMWeb. I’ve just bought the matching sockets for 21MTC, Next18 and Plux decoders and I’m going to see if I can make up low cost printed circuit board adapters. Zimo make a Next18 DCC decoder for Bachmann and I’m interested in trying it out – the decoder is tiny and the connector is miniscule.

I know I am stating the obvious in terms of the numbering, but why not just have given it a designation of A to enable ease of differentiation.

Indeed; or why not which appears to be un-allocated and the catalogue number right next to the 8-pin version of the very same ESU Standard decoder, the There is already a topic on this Martin, that topic covers the oldwhich has been replaced by this rebadged ESU Standard pin.


The OP was a bit out of date when he posted in July this year, as that old Soundtraxx had been around for a year or two.

Posted 26 November – Posted 05 February – PS unlike the Bachmann packaging the November decoders I have tested have eight function outputs four at logic levels instead of six. These files are stored on your computer and help remember your login name, display name and the site content that you have already read or contributed to.

– Bachmann Branchline pin E-Z Command 4-function 1A decoder with back EMF

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The old version has a green PC board The new version is packaged in a transparent bubble on a colourful card. The older version was presented in a humdrum cardboard box Edited by Podhunter, 14 September – Note that the adjacent number hasn’t been allocated yet. Edited by Ron Ron Ron, 25 September – The older version was presented in a humdrum cardboard box. Bachmnan tagged with one or more of these keywords: RMweb uses site cookies These files are stored on your computer and help remember your login name, display name and the site content that you have already read or contributed to.

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