BA datasheet, BA circuit, BA data sheet: ROHM – Fm Stereo Transmitter,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic. Page 4. Page 5. This datasheet has been downloaded from: Datasheets for electronic components. Part, BA Category, Communication => Freq/Signal Converters/Generators. Description, FM Stereo Transmitter. Company, ROHM Electronics. Datasheet.

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Sound quality did improve a bit by reducing Modulation levels.

The FM Stereo rules say that the Pilot should be a sine wave, not square as square wave would have harmonics. Is a ready-coil available in market? The kit took me about an hour to make.

Hello, I am a professor of electronics in France, and I would like to work with my students on a stereo encoder. The steeper the filter, the harder it gets to design datassheet without other problems showing up.

However the PCB is single sided and does not have large ground areas. D Bass response was acceptable, but a bit lacking. To make matters worse, the music would modulate the high frequency tone. The kit pre-emphasizes the Audio inputs passively. For that I would like two copies of 38 kHz quartz please.

BA Datasheet Rohm pdf data sheet FREE from

What is left in and right in. It had a noticeable hiss making it sound like an old cassette player playing an datsaheet older cassette. Stereo FM transmitter circuit.


But the 38KHz crstal will be best. Previous post Next post. According to the way the FM standards were designed, one cannot transmit more than 15KHz as that would affect the 19 KHz pilot tone used to tell the receiver that the incoming signal is in stereo. The Stereo light on my receiver came on immediately. You may also like: I have a problem with this coil. B Channel separation is not so good. I found that the stuff that one channel was putting into the other channel was low level but really distorted bad.

Still the chip was fantastic in that it allowed you to transmit some kind of Stereo at the real low end. The Documentation describes how to make the kit very well, but does not mention any technical facts at all. The FM modulator can be operated from 76 to MHz and power supply for the circuit can be anything between 1.

The PCB is very good quality and so are the components.

(PDF) BA1404 Datasheet download

I was expecting a low level of signal to ooze through to the other channel, but not so distorted!! C13 and C14 are just coupling capacitors, nothing to do with pre-emphasis. No use post-morteming the BA as it’s datashdet, but hopefully the kit manufacturers will do their NJM kits properly. The BA is gone, long live the BA!! Everything you need is provided in the kit, including a neat battery holder.


Please give me the address. It also had an additional very slight high frequency tone. In the circuit R7, C16, C14 and R6, C15, C13 forms the pre-emphasis network for the right and left channels respectively.

Suppose you have a 10 KHz Audio signal and it is clipped a bit, it will generate harmonics. One is forced to do everything the way ROHM dictates. The Daasheet Harmonic will be at 30 KHz. There is enough place to work around easily. As expected the kit went berserk at the high end.

BA1404 Datasheet PDF

That’s not going to sound pleasant at all!! If one uses a monolithic IC to do all the work, one is limited in the amount of genius dwtasheet can display using that chip.

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