Artoonix is a simple to use yet powerful software to create cartoons or animated movies. Animate the still pictures or drawings, import them from movies and. Article explaining why some animations look smooth and fluent while other don’t. Relationships between frame rate per second (fps), positions per second (pps). Feel free to explore artoonix project with objects described in this tutorial, download it here (zip file, kb), unzip and file in your Artoonix Projects.

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Pretty pony wants to play. The artolnix is to demonstrate all the stages of the project from conceptual idea to the complete animation while learning the basics of techniques and tools available.

Tutorial Projects

Before you start, you need to decide qrtoonix you want to animate – the plot, how the characters will look like, style, etc. It is all down to you, of course, but it is probably the easiest to start with a short simple animation.

Let’s say you want to animate a pony like this:. As a result you will have a new icon “Pony” in the projects list. You can now open it by attoonix double-clicking on this icon or, if it is highlighted, by using the button Edit on the page Projects.

Open the “Pony” project. You have now page Project: Pony open which shows all the tools that you can use to modify it.

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You can create or modify the video sequence, add sound and preview the resulting film. Now we can create the video sequence. It is composed of several frames.

Artoonix – create your own animations

To create a frame, do this:. The drawing itself can be split into parts that can be moved, turned and scaled together or independently from each other. This allows easy modifications of the drawing in the other frames without re-drawing. For example, our Pony van be split into 8 areas:.

Note, that there will be an extra object on the panel – it’s created automatically every time you create a frame. Group 1 – drawing tools: Group 2 – painting tools and styles – freehand, lines, squares, filled squares, ellipse, filled ellipse; paint bucket. Group 3 – sets the size of the tools. The color can be chosen from the color palette at the bottom of the painting canvas.

As a result, after drawing all the objects you would have a painting that would like srtoonix.

Artoonix – My account Tutorial

In this example we will be creating the follow-up frames on the basis of the just created one. If it is shaded, make sure you have selected the frame zrtoonix the list on the left. You will be taken to Duplicate Frame 2 where the content of the previous frame is copied. You will see now the frame around the object you have just selected. Clicking inside this frame one can move the object or the group of selected objects by holding the left mouse button pressed. One can also rotate the objects around the rotation center by dragging the edges of the frame.


tutogial To resize an object, drug the markers of the frame. We will now go through the process of adding the audio tracks to the Pony project.

At the bottom of your Project: Pony screen there is an artoonid panel with several tracks. Besides, it is also possible to edit each track – cut some parts out, move it to the other place of the same or other track, etc.

My account

Increase it if you want the sound extend beyond the length of the video sequence. The movie will only be encoded if there have been changes made to the project.

If it is not the first time that movie is created, you will be asked if you want to do it. Use the buttons to control playing the film. Tutorial “Pony” Pretty artoinix wants to play.