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Women on Corporate Boards and in Top Management: European Trends and Policy. This article contains both affiliation to the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and dedication to the project no. JH participated in the analysis of the photometric and spectroscopic observations and preparation of the article.

The program developed as a part of the project has been put in use in the study. PH, as the principal, author is responsible for the majority of work on the article. JN participated in the analysis of the spectroscopic observations and the program for the comparison of synthetic and observed stellar spectra was used in the study. Both PH and JN participated in the reduction and analysis of the spectroscopic observations of this binary.

A description of the co for estimation of radiative properties of binaries via comparison of the observed and synthetic spectra, which is developed by JN, is given in the article. The presence of electron-withdrawing groups at the benzene ring decreases the yield of the coupling product while aliphatic acyl chlorides such as PhCH2CH2COCl and t-BuCOCl provide the coupling products in only poor yields.

The course of the coupling reaction is very sensitive to the reaction conditions, the best results being achieved with potassium carbonate sesquihydrate as the base in dry toluene. The catalysts, which serve as the source of active metal, gradually loose their activity due to metal leaching and, mainly, decomposition of the solid support presumably by the action of the strong base present in the reaction system. We report the synthesis of conjugated highly cross-linked polyacetylene-type networks with a high content of functional groups -CH2OH, -NO2, -Ph2N, content up to 3.

The backbone of the networks consists of substituted polyene main chains that are cross-linked by arylene links. The dependence of the specific surface area of the networks on the size and architecture of the comonomers used for the synthesis is discussed in the paper.

The reported networks can be classified into the group of conjugated microporous polymers CMPs. Nine mostly novel aromatic Schiff bases containing from two to four terminal ethynyl groups and one or two methanimine groups per one molecule are reported.

The spectral and DFT characteristics and the extent of conjugation are discussed in connection with the structure and fikosofie of prepared compounds. The applicability of compounds as building blocks for conjugated polymers is shown in TaCl5-catalysed polycyclotrimerization proceeding in ethynyl groups yielding either soluble luminescence or insoluble microporous polymers. Dedikace grantu je anzenbachrr. V byl IF 3. Epub Apr 21 Dedikace grantu je uvedena. Dedikace grantu GAUK uvedena.

This paper znzenbacher, probably for the first time, an entirely new line of thought among the mesh adaptivity problems in numerical mathematics. A standard approach to adaptivity is based on the study and estimation of the spatial distribution of discretization errors, with a tacit assumption that the corresponding algebraic system is solved exactly.

The latter, however, never occurs in practice. Thus, a natural question that seems to be completely overlooked previously should be asked about the spatial distribution of the errors of algebraic solver. The authors show that those errors filozofie in the spatial distribution of the final error and demonstrate, using a kind of backward error analysis, how they can be interpreted in the terms of a change of the basis functions, where the new functions are no longer with finite support.

This analysis gives a new vision of adaptivity that must be taken anzenbachef account in practical strategies. The paper is well written and really opens a new line of research.

These channels play a role in many important biological processes such as thermosensation and pain transduction. The TRPV1 channel was reported to be also involved in nociception. Here we characterized a region on the TRPV1 C-terminus responsible for the interaction with SA1 using biochemical and biophysical tools. We found that this region anro with previously identified calmodulin and Anzenbacheg binding sites and that SA1 anzenabcher with calmodulin and PIP2 for this binding site.

We identified several positively charged residues within this region, which have crucial impact on SA1 binding, and vilosofie show that the reported SA1-TRPV1 interaction is calcium-dependent.


Jeho architektem byl Gottlob Alber z Brna. Afiliace byla uvedena v medailonu autora. Impakt faktor SJR podle ano Contemporary innovation processes increasingly involve a large number of networked actors, and cross-fertilization between knowledge institutions and firms has thus become a significant driver for innovation. This study aims to contribute to this body of literature by applying the concept of differentiated knowledge bases to the former state-socialism countries, where the innovation system operates through a ‘firewall’ between academia and industry.

The study concludes that, in case of Czechia, factors other than geographical proximity seem to be more important in networks drawing predominantly upon either analytical or synthetic knowledge bases. This paper develops a two-step estimation methodology that allows us to apply catastrophe theory to stock market returns with time-varying volatility and to model stock market crashes.

In the first step, we utilize high-frequency data to estimate daily realized volatility from returns. Then, we use stochastic cusp catastrophe on data normalized by the estimated volatility in the second step to study possible discontinuities in the markets.

Lima | Peru – wwx – PDF Free Download

We support our methodology through simulations in which we discuss the importance of stochastic noise and volatility in a deterministic cusp catastrophe model. The methodology is empirically tested on nearly 27 years of U. While we find that the stock markets showed signs of bifurcation in the first half of the period, catastrophe theory was not able to confirm this behavior in the second half.

Translating the results, we find that the U. The results suggest that the proposed methodology provides an important shift in the application of catastrophe theory to stock markets. C01, C53 Download here: Abstract Copper model tools were usually part of the elite burial equipment during the Old Kingdom in the Ancient Egypt. Definition of tool types is based on the semiotic triangle and a correct reading and interpretation of the artefacts is approached here.

Model tools present in the burial equipment were tools for stone- and woodworking, these being materials of conspicuous consumption in the period.

Copper model tools were standardized and a connection between the size and amount of copper model tools and social status of the buried persons is explored. Persons with higher status had access to larger amounts of copper; however, the rules of the access were changing and access to copper was widening during the Old Kingdom.

IBD is thought to be the result of an overaggressive immune response to a subset of commensal gut microbiota in a genetically susceptible host under the influence of environmental factors. A year-old boy presented with cleft palate, hepatopathy, cholecystolithiasis, myopathy, coagulopathy, hyperlipidemia, hypoglycemia, hyperuricemia, short stature, obesity, hypothyroidism, microcephaly and mild intellectual disability. The multi-systemic manifestation involving certain distinct clinical features prompted us to search for a subtype of congenital disorders of glycosylation CDG.

Selected bioinformatics tools were used to evaluate the data. Increased relative levels of di- mono- and asialotransferrin reflected a defect of N-glycosylation in the patient.

Výsledky projektů za rok

Sequencing of PGM1 gene revealed the presence of two heterozygous missense mutations c. RQwhose pathogenicity was confirmed by in silico analysis. We report the first Czech patient with a glycosylation disorder due to PGM1 deficiency. Compared to the described cases, no dilated cardiomyopathy was noted in our patient. However, he suffered from a mild neurological impairment, which is an uncommon feature that extends the phenotype associated with PGM1-CDG.

Lactose-rich diet, which was previously reported to have ameliorated the clinical symptoms in some PGM1-CDG patients, did not result in any improvement in our patient.

Abstract Apolipoprotein C-III ApoC-III is a glycoprotein carrying the most common O-linked glycan structure and is abundantly present in serum, what renders it a suitable marker for analysis of O-glycosylation abnormalities.

Secondly, we examined serum from patients with selected metabolic disorders and detected minor O-glycosylation changes in diseases such as Prader-Willi syndrome, PGM1 phosphoglucomutase 1 or MAN1B class 1B alpha-1,2-mannosidase deficiency. Our results show that znzenbacher method allows for a sensitive detection of ApoC-III O glycosylation status, however this might be modulated by several factors i.

Franz Ferdinands Reise um die Erde. Abstrakt z konference “XV.

Lima | Peru

In this article the first component of an extended study of the ode we exposed a hitherto unrecognished interpolation from the canonical Hymnal, and explained why the printed editions of the Ode cannot be regarded as satisfactory sources in their present form.


The author introduces three early manuscripts of the ode that have not hitherto been studied, and presents unknown components which he recently discovered. These sources manifest a highly sophisticated manner in which ode and hymnal components were seamlessly intertwined, the use of repetition in a musically convincing manner, as well as clues as to liturgical deployment.

The author employs various arguments – involving, inter alia, aspects of allegory and theology – to demonstrate the authenticity of the newly-discovered components, calling for a fuller and richer interpretation of the ode. The article is the vld part of a projected four-part study, which will include an eclectic version combining elements of the diplomatic transcriptions of the three early sources, as well as a full analysis based on the neumations in these sources, their inter-relationship as well as relationship to those of the hymnal items with which the main body of the ode has been combined.

Large earthflow-type landslides are destructive mass movement phenomena with highly unpredictable behaviour.

Knowledge anzenbwcher earthflow kinematics is essential for understanding the mechanisms that control its movements.

For this purpose, multi-temporal spatial data acquired by point-based in-situ monitoring and optical remote sensing methods have been used. Quantitative data analyses including strainmodelling and DEMdifferencing techniques have enabled us to: The results also integrate the qualitative characteristics of surface topography, in particular the distribution of surface structures as defined by a highresolution DEM, and the landslide subsurface structure, as revealed by 2D resistivity imaging.

Then, the ground surface kinematics of the landslide is evaluated with respect to the specific conditions encountered in the study area including slope morphology, landslide subsurface structure, and local geological and hydrometeorological conditions. Finally, the broader implications of the presented research are discussed with particular focus on the role that strain-related structures play in landslide kinematic behaviour.

Agathomyia vernalis Shatalkin,Callomyia arjo Chandler, a Lindneromyia hungarica Chandler, The nuclear SMN complex localizes to specific structures called nuclear gems.

The loss of gems is a cellular marker for several neurodegenerative diseases. Consistent with these results, the expression of the UK N-terminal tail rescues gem formation. These findings show that UK is an SMN-complex-associating protein, and they suggest a new function for UK in the formation of nuclear gems.

New Zealand harbours a considerable number of alien plants and animals, and is often used as a model region for studies on factors determining afno outcome of introductions.

Alien birds have been a particular focus of research attention, especially to understand the effect of propagule pressure, as records exist for the numbers of birds introduced to New Zealand.

However, studies have relied on compilations of bird numbers, rather than on primary data. Here, we present a case study of the alien yellowhammer Emberiza citrinella introduced from the UK to New Zealand, to anzebbacher how recourse to the primary literature highlights significant data gaps and misinterpretations in these compilations. We show that the history of the introduction, establishment and spread of the yellowhammer in New Zealand can be reconstructed with surprising precision, including details of the ships importing yellowhammers, their survival rates on board, the numbers and locations of release, and the development of public perception of the species.

We demonstrate that not all birds imported were released, as some died or were re-transported to Australia, and that vox birds thought to be introductions were in fact translocations of individuals captured in one region of New Zealand for liberation in another.

Our study confirms the potential of precise historical reconstructions that, if done for all species, would address criticisms of historical data in the evidence base for the effect of propagule pressure on establishment success for alien populations. The Yellowhammer Emberiza citrinella is a bird with a very long history of research in geographic song variation, dating back to the s.

Numerous features make the Yellowhammer a suitable model for studying songbird dialects: Numerous works have focused on Yellowhammer dialects and their geographic distribution in various parts of Europe, often revealing mosaic-like patterns even at relatively restricted spatial scales.

However, it has been repeatedly suggested that Yellowhammer dialects can be divided into two groups anzenbachet a macrogeographic pattern of distribution in some recent works, eastern and western groups of dialects have been mentioned.