Ardon Krep · @KernAssi · Frankfurt am Main, Hessen. Joined July . Ardon Krep @KernAssi 18 Jan Follow Follow @KernAssi. Following Following @. John Titor & Ardon Krep. I’ve already repeatedly read in your internet about a ” John Titor”. Some report on him: “Was he here or perhaps wasn’t. Collage: Paper and yarn on Paper. collagenmischtechnik (papier, silbergarn) auf papier. Keywords: Parachute, Travel, Collage, Artwork, Ardon Krep, Calderas.

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I’ve already repeatedly read in your internet about a “John Titor”. Some report on him: When I’d read the concerning texts, I actually understood whom you ment. In reality the man is called John Smith and not Titor. He was born in Florida and is the first man who traveles back in time. He is an American and works for the Army of my time period.

I for example, back-traveled and the focused July 2nd, By the temporal variance, which is caused by the time transfer field, I could have arrived sometime between February 13th, and November 17th, The further one travels in time, the more inaccurately becomes the goal time. Nevertheless the Third World War began not in the springbut in the summer This difference isn’t caused by the variance, but by the different view of the war.


John Titor’s Friend… Alex.

keep For John only the happenings in the US were important, therefore the war beganindirectly with the Second Civil Warand officially with the bombardment of America by Russia. The war actually began before this in the Near East, then turned into Europe ardom then came to America. And that at my time the former Russia is the most important trade partner of the US, is also not completely correct.

Unrests between and were for the 14 to 16 year old John logically coining, therefore he later prevaricated some statements.

John Titor’s Friend Alex., page 1

I personally know Mr. He is a quite nice 47 year old man, but for my taste a little bit too religious. If you know John, Ardon Krep might also be a term.

Ardon Krep is really called so and is likewise time traveler. He was sent back last year, He is also an American and works likewise for the Army. Actually he should collect data about your time, and with given time he should save important documents of American history into future.

The order was expanded by him, so he followed a few personal activities. I will rather keep my name for me, but however I can say that I was born in Bavaria.


The “civilian” training program for time travelers began with me in I am thus no soldier, but a civilian observer. And I also don’t know any European Chrononauts, who’s in the Army. How many Chrononauts there are in your present, socan’t be said without difficulty, but there might be about five until That means that including me, five Chronolauts have traveled-back in time between and into the time period of How many from later time periods there are, I can’t say with the best will, but I am sure that “some” are there.

Eingestellt von Ledge Know um 1: Abonnieren Kommentare zum Post Atom. The driving thought “The future is uncertain, or? Will the 3rd World War really take place? Are there time machines or time travelers at all?

If you wanna know more about Mobilism and Postmobilism or krrep you have general questions about the early 21st Century, you can send me these under ” mr.