Read “Cruel Enchantment” by Anya Bast with Rakuten Kobo. View our feature on Anya Bast’s Cruel Dark Magick series. Anya Bast lives in the country with her Belgian husband, their tornado toddler of a daughter, and more cats, dogs, and rabbits than is sane. Ever since she was a. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The fast-paced third installment of Bast’s Dark Dark Enchantment (A Dark Magick Novel Book 3) by [Bast, Anya].

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Cruel Enchantment by Anya Bast. To keep her fae race from being eradicated, Emmaline Gallagher must retrieve an object of fae power from a locked ancient box. Only Aeric O’Malley has the forging skills to create a key. But will their tumultuous past stand in the way? Mass Market Paperbackpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Cruel Enchantmentplease sign up.

Lists with This Book. Jan 25, Laurie Garrison rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed this book. I love the hot sex and dangerous men with strong women Anya writes along with the added action and excitement you just cant go wrong in trying this series, you may just find yourself truly enchanted as I did. Emmaline I loved her. When I read how she got that away, WOW!

It was very emotional. As the first book I love the world Anya has set up with all the steamy romance, action and sick-o villains.

View all 4 comments. Jan 11, Marsha rated it liked it Recommends it for: It is always hit enchant,ent miss with me when a read a book by Anya Bast.

Let me tell you what I do like about her writing and then what I didn’t like about this book. Bast if great at setting up background information that makes you love the heroes and hate the villians. The female herione is strong and capable; able to take down the bad guy without needing the aid of her lover. Bast masterfully manipulates the plot with unexpected twists fnchantment set crkel information for sequels. Her battle scenes as exp It is always hit or miss with me when a read a book by Anya Bast.

Her battle scenes as expertly described blow by blow. The sex scenes are hot! So, what don’t I like? Well, first of all I have difficulty keeping straight the names of her characters in this book. They are too similiar: What’s up with that?

Next, the sex is so repetitive that I found myself skipping over the scenes because I was bored! There was not enough good in this book to balance out the bad The villians were truly creepy and disturbing; but, the good guys just were not good enough.

After book one in this series, I truly had my doubts about continuing but knew I would read the second book because I had enchamtment 4 for 3 deal and received the second book for free. However, I will not be continuing with the series. With all of the good points, it just was not good enough for me to continue. She was also the fae who murdered Aileen, the woman Aeric O’Malley had loved with a fierce devotion that burned brightly long centuries after her death.

Emmaline has been beyond Aeric’s reach ever since, having fled Ireland before the fae were rounded up and imprisoned behind the walls of Piefferburg. Aeric has kept the fire of his thirst for vengeance stoked hotter than those of his Blacksmith forge, intent on killing Emmaline at the first opportunity and praying to his gods daily for that opportunity.


For over three hundred years, Emmaline has lived the life of spy and double agent as a free bzst in the human world.

One of the founding members of the Humans for the Freedom of the Fae HFF organization, she’s spent the last few years deep under cover as a loyal human Worshipful Observer for the Phaendir, the group most responsible for the fae’s imprisonment.

Now she’s on a quest for the HFF, one that will require her to enter Piefferburg, locate the Blacksmith, and secure his assistance. He’s the only fae capable of making the key that will unlock the enchanted box that is the resting place of the second piece of the bosca fadbha puzzle box that will unlock part of the Book of Bindings and allow for the fae to finally break free of their centuries-long imprisonment.

Emmaline needs the Blacksmith and the Blacksmith wants her dead by his own hand. Not exactly the auspices of a great working relationship, but they will have to work together to pull off the daring acquisition of the second piece of the bosca fadbh without the Phaendir finding out about it. With the memory of his dead love between them, however, Emmaline is aware that Aeric is far more likely to kill her than help her, and if she can’t convince him to trust her, their entire race may remain imprisoned forever.

Despite a strong, admirable heroine with a dark and twisted past, a passionate, fiery hero with an axe Dark, dangerous, and well balanced, Wicked Enchantment was a five star read for me, but several issues with plot and pacing and a couple of problems with dialogue tripped me up in this installment.

I was very put off by the first third of Cruel Enchantmentand found it laden with too many handy coincidences to be able to maintain my willing suspension of disbelief. The premise of the book is fine, the concept of the plot was intriguing, but the way in which it was executed at the beginning robbed the story of its intensity and suspense and made the initial scenes between Emmaline and Aeric seem implausible and inorganic to me. Perhaps if Aeric hadn’t been so headily imagining Emmaline stepping into the fae prison that is Piefferburg and right into his clutches just moments before she actually does so I would have had an easier and more forgiving time at the beginning.

Then, to compound my difficulty in swallowing that fortuitous happenstance, the two weeks in which Aeric holds Emmaline prisoner, threatening to kill her, trying to kill her, and getting roaring drunk to drown out his unwanted lust for her, pass in a muddled mess of disjointed and confusing pacing, timing, and impotent character action that by the end felt far more like a few days than a couple of weeks. I found it all rather bizarre, and not very threatening to Emmaline’s tattered virtue, though Aeric’s frayed ferocity took a beating.

Before the slings and arrows start to fly, I have to say that after that awkward beginning there were several good things that start to happen with the story. The book picked up and I started getting into it.

While it does lack much of the brilliant world building and creative description that set Wicked Enchantment so high in my estimation, and it wasn’t as richly populated by secondary and ancillary characters and those plot threads that did include secondary characters I found to be ill conceived and predictable, as the case with David’s threadI started to really enjoy the evolution in the relationship between Emmaline and Aeric, and liked seeing some truth start to alter perception for both of them.

Admittedly, I was a little disturbed by Aeric’s proclaimed passion for Aileen from the very beginning, given what you find out about her, but I thought Bast brought Aeric through his stages of character development with sensitivity and a sense of realism.


Cruel Enchantment (Dark Magick, #2) by Anya Bast

I have no complaints about the two lead characters from a romantic enchantmeht. I found them well suited to each other and strong in their own right.

They had a lovely array of scenes to further their relationship that were at turns poignant, tender, and sexy as hell. And my pleasure with the book through the middle of the story was secure because of it. And then the book went a little awry again towards the end. There was definitely tension and a hella creepy atmosphere generated by Emmaline’s interactions with Brother Gideon, but just about everything else she’s involved in on the human side of the wall was very perfunctorily covered and had some awkward transitions and jumps in the enchantmsnt.

I felt as if I was leapfrogging through the later part of the story at times. That disconcerting lack crul fluidity continued through to the end of the book, with a myriad of life- and quest-threatening plot threads popping up in seemingly naya rapid fire, and just as rapidly being resolved with a minimum of development. And the book’s conclusion was extremely abrupt. For my tastes and strictly in my opinion, Cruel Enchantment didn’t quite rise to the level of adept storytelling that I felt existed in the first book of the series, but there were parts I liked quite a lot The strongest and most fervent pleasure was in the character of Emmaline, who I anyq admired as a damaged, layered, and crafty heroine full of courage and determination, even in the face of basy emotion and debilitating torment.

And I love the world that Bast has created for this series. There are so many truly nifty things about it that I admire greatly. I wish we had been allowed more interaction with the various fantastical creatures of Piefferburg and with the familiar characters we met from the first book.

But that’s just me being greedy.

Cruel Enchantment

I was also pleased to note that the third book in the series, Dark Enchantmentis set for release on April 5, I just hope the next book is a little closer to the first in both style and substance. Enchantmenh did I wait so long to read this book? I’m not sure if it is the mindset I’m in right now or if it’s the writing, but this book just flat out did it for me. Talk about hot alpha male! Aeric is hot and pretty rough.

Crruel was actually hoping he’d make Emmaline pay for her supposed sins. When he threatened to chain her to his bed and make her pay for the wrongs she committed against him, Cfuel melted. The sex in this book it hot. I mean, we are talking about I wish my spouse was awake so Why did I wait so long to read this book? I mean, we are talking about I wish my spouse was awake so I could jump him hot.

The thing about fae stories, is that there is an inherent sexual sadistic side to their culture. Bast captures it in a way that makes me want bad bad things. Even though Lars is a sadistic psychotic sociopath, he exude a certain sensuality that I’m drawn too, like the moth to a flame.

Yes, I’d be tortured and yes I’d be dead, but I can’t say no. Yes, it’s f-ed up. Emmaline is a character I can get behind. She’s a strong female who does have some pretty terrible baggage.

She also interacts with other strong females well which is a plus in her favour. The fact that she’s good hearted deep down makes her very appealing to me. Her strength, even when she’s being beaten and tortured, it’s admirable.