Manuals and User Guides for ANSMANN Virus We have 2 ANSMANN Virus manuals available for free PDF download: Instruction Manual. Ansmann Virus , ☆ 1/8 Scale Nitro Buggy ☆ Radio Controlled (RC) Our basic instructions will help you set-up and fine tune the Nitro Engine for your Virus. Please check the smoke detector manual. In our opinion, almost every smoke detector will work with NiMH batteries, but please note: smoke detectors are.

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I am just looking to finish building it but cannot find the instructions.

Ansmann Nitro Virus 2.0 Radio Controlled Car

I have tried going onto their website but cannot manage to fill out their contact form – Not sure if the website is even live – it doesn’t allow much at the minute! Pretty much all the Ansmann manuals in anmsann http: Pretty much all manuals except the version 1. I will try to follow virus 2 and go from there, thanks for your help! Now I recall why I didn’t finish it, the instructions are horrendous! Will give it a go in any case – Virus 2 seems to be relatively close.

,anual virus 3 seems vastly different! The manual for the Ansmann kryptonite wasnt particularly brilliant either lol in fact it seemed to skip parts entirely! Hmmm, not that much by the look of it but to be honest im not over confident it is right given the poor instructions. I am considering stripping everything down tht ive done and rebuilding from scratch – These virus ansmann instructions are ten times better than the original but still poor I admit.

I remember thinking at the time of purchase that it was difficult to follow having been used to following VERY simple Tamiya instructions as a kid and a couple in adulthood. Will see how it goes in any case.

Thanks for your help! Then once I could see that going, then look at manuall kit. It was purchased to fill my time with being out of work OP as opposed to dole!! Maybe the hyper 7 manual might help?

Ansmann Racing Virus Manual | CompetitionX

Their both buggy’s and I’m sure they’ve got interchangeable parts although saying that, it might be the virus 2 thats similar to the hyper Where are you I can build the virus with my eyes closed the instructions aren’t that bad I’ve seen worse.


They don’t actually show you what to do! The virus 2 appears to be a very similar setup to the first one but the hyper 7 also looks similar with better instructions so will give that a go.

It seems I’ve done more of it than I thought now I’ve looked at it properly. Looks like the throttle. Neil, I’m in Coventry if that is somewhere close. This said, I will give these other instructions a go first. Bit far for me if you have any trouble just pm me also search the forum for ansmann virus and terrier I’ve posted in a few of the threads about essential upgrades that need to be done while building them is the perfect time.

I’ve got to attaching the muffler to the engine – On the bit where they meet, there is a rubber sleeve – Is this supposed to come off to fit the muffler and therefore metal on metal – there for protection or should it stay there to ensure a VERY snug fit. I am asking because I am struggling to get the muffler attached but did not just want to assume it is supposed to come off and make an error!

The rubber gasket you mean? One of these http: If so then yeah, that sits on the back of the engine and the exhaust manifold sits over it.

You then keep the exhaust in place with one or two of these http: I guess I could check this before putting fuel in could I – to see if it all moves freely which is my major concern? I bought fuel and glow plugs when I bought the kit 3 years ago – I found the receipt in the box! Is there a knack to cutting the shell neatly? I can see some markings on it, which I presume are where I need to cut.

Would it be best with a craft knife of lexan scissors? Was the fuel opened? I don’t know what the shelf life of nitro fuel is I recently picked up a nitro truggy to use as a donor car for when my brushless truggy needs parts – thing is, its in good condition so I thought I’d get it up and running first – needs a few bits etc but the bloody linkages Probably gets easier if you run nitro all the time.

I’ll definitely stick with electric. Might be a good idea to seal around the backplate and carb now – easy to do, and will eliminate the problem of airleaks from those two areas – my ansmann arne.


Not sure about the glow plugs, can’t seem to find them now. Yes, the thing is, the instructions Hyper 7 don’t really show how they should be so I have no guide to go from!

I think it will be a bit of trial and error. Think what I will do is on pay day! Once I have success on there, I will move on to this. Failing that, I will pop into my local model shop In all honesty they are crap! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Manal have an account? Ansmamn RC Search In. Ansmmann In or Sign Up. Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Google.

Sign in with Twitter. Posted January 12, Can anyone spare a copy or point me in the right direction please? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted Ajsmann 12, edited. Not sue why I couldn’t find those!! How much of the kit have you virud left to build? Sorry, you’ve confused me. Is this the same buggy? Or just another kit that may be similar? Edited January 12, by Monster LB.

Posted January 13, So, these hyper 7 instructions are near on exactly the same! I will put these on my list for when I get paid, along with a few more upgrades for my lunchbox. Cutting shells sounds like a trip over to YouTube to me lol Was the fuel opened? I’ll definitely stick with electric Might be a good idea to seal around the backplate and carb now – easy to do, and will eliminate the problem of airleaks from those two areas – my ansmann arne.

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