Anima Beyond Fantasy – Core Rulebook. Uploaded by tetris Look at the Title. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from. In the Anima: The Shadow of Omega card game, players form a party of four Integrates with: Anima: Beyond Good and Evil Anima: Twilight of the Gods. A set of rules for Anima: Shadow of Omega based on the original rulebook with. Welcome to Anima Tactics, a miniatures combat game in which each . Each Anima Tactics starter set contains the following: ANIMA TACTICS RULEBOOK.

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Anima Beyond Fantasy RPG Game Instruction Manual Hard Cover Rule Book

I didn’t translate the text, but pointed out only mayor differencies between the original text and the new one. As you can easily understand the process is pretty much time-consuming, so at the moment I’ve only translated the Book of Light it was the first one, after all.

If the community is interested, I’ll try to find time to do more. Unfortunately tables are not “taken” from the copy-paste on the forum Create Light Level2 Action: Intelligence 5 8 10 12 Base: Imbue Calm Level 6 Action: Intelligence 5 8 11 14 Base: Blinding Flash Level 8 Action: Intelligence 6 9 11 14 Base: Shield of Light Level 10 Action: Intelligence 6 8 10 14 Base: Perceive Level 12 Action: Intelligence 6 9 12 14 Base: Armor of Light Level 16 Action: Intelligence 6 9 12 15 Base: Banish Shadows Level 18 Action: Detect Negative Emotions Level 20 Action: Light Beam Level 22 Action: Hologram Level 26 Action: Image has maximum size of 1m2.

Image has maximum size of 15m2. Image has maximum size of 50m2. Image has maximum size of m2.


Anima rulebook download

Bonds of Light Level 28 Action: Base Fortitude is Strength 15 and Fortitude Strength 18 and Fortitude Control Light Level 30 Action: Intelligence 6 9 12 16 Base: Detect Life Level 32 Action: Spy of Light Level 36 Action: Ecstasy Level 38 Action: Banish Negative Emotions Level 40 Action: Healing Light Level 42 Action: Intelligence 7 10 13 15 Base: MR Life Points. Seeking Sphere Level 46 Action: Zone of Detection Level 48 Action: Intelligence 7 10 12 15 Base: Blessing Level 56 Action: Intelligence 8 10 12 15 Base: Create Good Feelings Level 58 Action: See Truth Level 60 Action: Intelligence 8 12 14 16 Base: As Base, but also allows seeing Spiritual Beings.

Shield from Negative Level 62 Action: Intelligence 7 9 12 15 Base: Find Level 66 Action: Intelligence 8 10 13 16 Base: Restore Level 68 Action: Hypnotic Display Level 70 Action: Intelligence 10 12 14 16 Base: Catastrophic Light Level 72 Action: Luminous Material Objects Level 76 Action: Light Transmission Level 78 Action: Lordship over Dreams Level 80 Action: Intelligence 12 14 16 18 Base: On a neutral area, his powers will reach Gnosis Create Being of Light Level 82 Action: Reflecting Prism Level 86 Action: Intelligence 10 13 15 17 Base: Radius of Omniscience Level 88 Action: Intelligence 10 12 15 18 Base: Predict Level 90 Action: Prison of Light Level 92 Action: The caster cannot affect himself with the Prison of Light.

Intelligence 14 16 18 20 Base: One with the Light Level 96 Action: Ascension Level 98 Action: Light Holocaust Level Action: I had no idea the spells had such a revamp with the introduction of the Core Exxet.

Anima Beyond (PDFy mirror) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

And I much prefer it! As much as I love the system in the current English iteration of the rule book, having just four basic ‘levels of power’ makes book keeping a much simpler task.


I’d certainly love to see the other books of magic translated, but I imagine it is a very time consuming process and just having this to see the changes between the current Spanish edition and our slightly older version is great.

Was ruleboo any change in the effects of the spells? It’s my understanding all they did was simplify it and therefore decrease the options of the caster, weakening them quite a bit.

I don’t like it but it would streamline wizard turns I suppose. There are actually a few changes I will translate the rest I’ve already started translating Dark Magic I don’t suppose you could do the free access spells cause fear in particular?

Light Form Level 52 Action: Intelligence 8 11 13 16 Base: As Intermediate, but resistance bonus applies to all effects not based on Darkness. I sincerely apologise for rulebooi few errors I can’t even understand how Light Form slept through my attention, actually Create Darkness Level 2 Action: Induce Fear Level 6 Action: See in Darkness Level 8 Action: Only works on natural darkness.

Max Presence 80 Intermediate: Max Presence Advanced: Max Tulebook Arcane: Shield of Darkness Level 10 Action: Shadow Level 12 Action: Intelligence 5 9 12 14 Base: Armor of Darkness Level 16 Action: Banish Light Level 18 Action: Hide Magic Level 20 Action: