Find out more about Beyond The Darkness by Angie Fenimore at Simon & Schuster UK. Read book reviews & excerpts, watch author videos & more. Angie Fenimore, a wife and mother haunted by abuse in childhood and The following is an excerpt from her wonderful book, Beyond the Darkness. Beyond the darkness by Angie Fenimore, , Bantam Books edition, in English .

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On the 8th January Angie Fenimore attempted to end her suffering by committing suicide. What ensued was a near death experience that took her to ‘the brink of Hell’; where an encounter with the sacred restored her to life and gave her a fresh perspective its meaning.

In this interview we explore the value Angie’s story holds in helping people struggling with suicidal thoughts, as well as what it might offer to people who have lost loved ones this way. I also ask Angie some more philosophical questions about the nature of near death experience and how she has integrated her own over the past twenty-five years. A new episode about every 6 days averaging 45 mins duration.

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Podcast smart and easy with the app that refuses to compromise. Manage episode series Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio streamed directly from their servers. He describes the size and scope of the organisation against claims of it being everything from all consuming to non-existent.

In this interview we explore the value Angie’s story holds in helping peo In this episode we look at some of the fall out of the Afghan Soviet war, when radicalised Muslims return to their home countries and are met by popular Islamic political movements. We focus on Algeria, where the country descended into civil war and look at claims of collusion between the Algerian state and the Islamist’s. See Adam’s YouTube ch Mindfulness teacher Mike Kewley returns to the podcast, he’s joined by yoga teacher Nathan Godolphin for a discussion on non-duality.

How can we reconcile our desire for things to get better with a deep acceptance of life as it is? Do we try an escape ‘what is’ through stories of progress, or can non-dual philosophy itself become a form of esca In this second episode Adam explains how the collusion between Western governments and radical Islam was ratcheted up during the Afghan Soviet War, and the disastrous consequences of this policy for the long suffering people of Afghanistan.

Charlie explains his own history with nightmares and how he draws on both scientific and Buddhist insights to engage with and transform This is the first episode in the first segment of an interview series with Adam Fitzgerald, looking at the deep history that led to the events of September 11th.

In this segment we will be looking at the rise of radical Islam and how it was fuelled by collusion with Western governments, seeking to suppress Nationalist movements in the Arab worl We only touch lightly on the subject of UBI, instead we delve into the books central question — ‘Why after year of unprecedented economic growth do we still have poverty?

Psychotherapist Graham Clucas is a founder of the Isle of Man based charity ‘Quing’ — meaning, ‘to yoke together’. In this interview Graham talks through his own journey of trauma and recovery and what inspired him to found a charity. He explains Quing’s community based approach to supporting mental well-being and how that’s radically different Simon Small returns to the podcast to discuss hadephobia, or the fear of Hell. Simon draws on his experience as both a Priest and Contemplative to speak to what for some people can be a crippling fear — either that they might end up in Hell themselves, or even worse they have a loved one who’s there already.


Phil recounts the injustices he witnessed and I ask him what that was like for him and what inner resources he drew on to keep calm in such situations. After relocating to Ireland at the turn of the century, Reverend John Harding started running groups that brought people from different sides of the divide together to hear each others stories. John drew on his experience both in the church and as a creative writer in developing ways participants could really feel heard.

In this interview he sh Chris Johnston is a former member of the Buddhafield cult, the subject of the documentary film, ‘Holy Hell’. After leaving, Chris went on to study cults and religious movements, attempting to make sense of what he’d been through. In this interview he sheds light on what happened at Buddhafield and what factors caused him to be drawn into a He did this from a position of being within the movement himself.

Nicole’s guided meditation from the August Unbreaking the Mirror group. Ronnie Aaronson is a psychotherapist specialising in the treatment of addiction, focusing particularly on alcoholism.

She is the author of Addiction, This Being Human, a book she was inspired to write by societies dehumanisation and ‘othering’ of people struggling with certain ‘unacceptable’ addictions.

Ronnie is also a founder of The Swan Proj Antony first explains how he came to hold his unconventional anarchistic views on government.

He then talks about the psychological factors that prevent people from rationally and reflectively engagi Twelve years ago Linzi Kemp developed Fibromyalgia, a debilitating condition of chronic pain and fatigue. This led her on an inner journey of self healing, ultimately becoming a student of The Rudra Devi Technique.

Simon has been fascinated with this most confusing of phenomenons for most of his life, due to his own ‘encounters’. I was interested to draw on his experience as a contemplative mystic, to see what insights approaching the phenomenon from that perspective Nicole and Richard talk about their work running a spirituality based support group for body image concerns and wider mental suffering.

Beyond The Darkness | Book by Angie Fenimore | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster UK

They describe what a mindful or spiritual approach to human suffering might look like, drawing from their own life’s journeys Filmed at the Mindful Man Festivalon the Isle of Man More details of Nicole a LuAnn Keener-Mikenas is a writer and psychotherapist who has also pursued spirituality for the past thirty years. We talk about what the integration of these things looks like, the cultivation of a deeper and more secure sense of being and the implications of this on a personal and societal level LuAnn’s therapy site LuAnn’s writing site….

In this interview he takes us through his fascinating life, from recalling early spiritual experiences, through tragedy and a near death experience, to spiritual exploration and a settling on Ascension Thomas explains that he chose Ascension as a practice as it seeks to charm t Barnaby Adams is a graphic designer whose interest in non-dual spirituality has led him to develop the concept of ‘Conscious Branding’. We talk about how a sense of authenticity can be brought into advertising services and the different kind of connection this creates with customers.

Find out about Barnaby’s work Subscribe for more interviews…. We discuss how our political positions are inextricably linked to our core beliefs about life, both in terms of the positions we hold and the dogma or open mindedness which we hold them.

We go on to di Tim Freke talks about the impact he’s seen his book The Jesus Mysteries has had on people, often facilitating them re-finding their relationship with Jesus. Tim also talks about how, in contrast to other mythicist books, his is not an attack on Christianity but rather at attempt to reform it. Twenty years on from the Publication of Tim Freke and Peter Gandy’s Best selling book The Jesus Mysteries, Tim talks about whether he still believes Jesus was not an historical figure but rather a mythological one.

He also talks about the reaction the book generated and the critical responses he received. Details of Tim and Peter’s book The Jes Simon returns to the podcast to talk about the influence science fiction had on him as a boy wishing to engage with the deepest questions.


Beyond the Darkness: My Near-Death Journey to the Edge of Hell

This ultimately inspired him to write his book, Star Pilgrim. We discuss how the novel arose from the imagination fenimorf the philosophical themes it contains. Get the book on Amazon UK – https: Clare Beckell is a Creative Attachment Therapist who works with children and pre and postnatal mothers. In this interview she explains what that work looks like and the powerfully transformative effect it can have for the parent child relationship.

We also discuss the wider societal impact of neglecting the importance of supporting mothers and He incorporates the wisdom of non-Duality into his practice and in this interview explains what a marriage of those two fejimore looks like. Martin goes on to talk about how holding a non-dual awareness as the therapist facilitates a sense of being deeply accepted for the client — and Rob Blake talks about darkess study of Shamanism and how he wove this into the practice of massage.

He explains how he uses contact with the body as a way of facilitating healing on a spiritual, psychological and somatic level Contact Rob at – robblake99 gmail. It’s doubtlessly a good thing that the practice of Mindfulness has taken off over the past few years, although it darness raises questions about simplification of spiritual practices. In this discussion with philosopher Tim Freke we talk about both the benefits and limitations of Mindfulness meditation and how can form a bases for a deeper investi Over the next thirty years he immersed himself in Eastern Spirituality, meeting and studying with a plethora of gurus and teachers, as well as becoming a teacher himself.

All this came to a drkness when an unexpected encounter with Je Fiona Robertson is a facilitator of Ebyond Living Inquires, a process of mindful, in-depth looking at the core beliefs we all hold.

Beyond The Darkness

In this interview Fiona describes the transformational effect this practice has had tge her own life, as well as bsyond shifts she now sees with her clients.

Fiona facilitates sessions over the internet, find out more abo I sat down with Daisy Bray to speak about her work bringing spirituality into massage through the Meditation Massage program created by Debbie O’Shea Freke.

Daisy explained her own journey of an initial embrace of, followed by disillusionment with Eastern and New Age spirituality. She then talks through how she was sucked into an Underworld Jou Britt has fenimroe Conscious Coaching to help anyone from individual entrepreneurs to senior members of corporations. Helping people to develop their businesses through getting in touch with a more authentic sense of self.

An interview fdnimore Dr. Joachim Schnackenberg about his work with people who hear voices. Schnackenberg is a consultant for hearing voices and recovery in Germany and a researcher, supervisor and trainer in Experience Focussed Counselling with Voice Hearers also known as Making Sense thee Voices or Working with Voices primarily provided in th I interviewed hypnotherapist Jo Hooson about her journey from being an Evangelical Christian in her youth to embracing Nondualism and the wisdom of Channellers.

We also talk about how Jo now works with hypnosis to help people understand why their lives are manifesting the way they are and and how they can learn to make shifts in their experienc I talk with Tim Freke about the concept of ‘Attaining Enlightenment’ and our cynicism that this act represents the ultimate purpose of the spiritual quest. Read Tim’s article at – https: After leaving the church as a teenager, Simon Small explored a myriad of different spiritual beypnd before feeling called to become an Anglican Priest.

Listen to his story and hear anbie he learnt along the way. Visit his author page on Alex Cowley became interested in mindfulness as a result of a serious illness as a young man. This interest led him into an exploration of non-duality which continues to this day. Alex is also a musician and talks about the crossovers he sees between these two worlds.