American Hero [Larry Beinhart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “A funny, ingenious and outrageous political thriller joining Hollywood. American Hero [Larry Beinhart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lee Atwater is on his deathbed. He isn’t thinking death. He’s thinking. American Hero [Larry Beinhart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS. –The Washington Post Book World Don’t.

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Another interesting aspect was how the different story lines were in different fonts.

Jan 01, Alla rated it really liked it. The author asserts several times that the book is a work of fiction, however, numerous footnotes would suggest that at least portions of it are based in fact, which leaves you to draw you own conclusions. War is not jero a media event. American Hero is definitely a provocative page-turner.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And I found the story to be interesting and wanted to read it without distractions. benihart

American Hero by Larry Beinhart

The title of the book is perfect. After a martial arts showdown, all parties agree to a truce, but at a film gig in Mexico, U.

Quite different to the film. The face of war is not reality. After writing this review I finally snooped around to see what other not GR readers had to say about this book. Retrieved from ” https: Preview — American Hero by Larry Beinhart.

Jul 13, N. The novel has received only limited critical attention.

American Hero

Honestly I think I would have ehro it more if I were more into conspiracy theories. The basis for the movie “Wag the Dog”, “American Hero” presumably takes its inspiration from philosopher Jean Baudrillard’s claims that the first Gulf War wasn’t “real.


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Once I jumped those it was a plesant book. I loved the movie, but the book was quite different. There are over citations of articles and interviews that support the story. I was looking for an escapist novel, I suppose Both work for large, professional companies and both employ a range of talent with high skill levels. I liked the footnotes throughout, which gave some credence to said theories, though I don’t buy into them.

He said that they had made a great movie; he had written a great b “Wag the Dog” was an interesting read. The style is witty, the plot has the required complexity and requisite twists and turns, and moreover, is very well written. I learned about Michael Ovitz and Steven Seagal in the real world though.

Yet the whole of the concept stares us in the face: Despite being exceedingly well-researched and sometimes devilishly clever in the way it integrates true events with the fake ones — copious, detailed endnotes explain The basis for the movie “Wag the Dog”, “American Hero” presumably takes its inspiration from philosopher Jean Baudrillard’s claims that the first Gulf War wasn’t “real.

So reader be aware, my rating is subjective and you might not appreciate it in the smae way as I did. I loved the sections with President Bush and Secretary Baker, and sometimes enjoyed the story line with Joe and Maggie.

I know several people that would be oh-so happy with just that chapter alone. It was completely different, but wish that Bush and the politics of the Gulf War was a larger pre I admit that I saw the movie “Wag the Dog” first, and was originally expecting something similar.

Not something I would normally read. Although I certainly laughed more at those other books, I think this is a superb example of what imagination, research, and writing can be. Jun 24, Rick rated it liked it. The dance between reality and conspiracy theory was so cleverly constructed, but dang what a crass tale! What America needed–or Bush needed–or Beagle needed–was someone to invade America.


Kellyanne’s Bowling-Green Massacre is a direct steal from this playbook. In one the author passionately explains that he is not mocking Michael Ovitz who took his former aikido instructor and made him a movie star. American Hero is a satirical conspiracy novelreissued as Wag the Dog: Return to Book Page.

You get what I mean–did she learn it from the same movies I saw, or is this one of those quintessential feminine moves that directors and actresses, they’re aware of and they set out to capture for the silver screen? Jun 16, Danielle Masursky rated it really liked it Shelves: The book has a lot of footnotes, which first made it hard to read.

It speculates that Operation Desert Storm had been scripted and choreographed as a ploy to get George H. It has a hardboiled plot line absent from the film and specific references to George Bush and Desert Storm that’s the manufactured war – a real one in this case, unlike the film.

Americna ‘s reelection by having a war professionally produced by Hollywood agent David Hartman. I was told this was a response to the Clinton mess, not sure if it’s true or not but a must read at any rate! If there is ever a need to boost the President’s popularity, stage a winnable war. Way to go, Hollywood.