A single touch of their hands, a soft brush of their lips will mean death for Damen – cast into the darkness of the Shadowland. But as she seeks to break the curse. Shadowland is the third book of the Immortals series by Alyson Noel. It was released on November 17, With Damen and Ever not being able to exchange. The Immortals is a sequence of novels written by Alyson Noël, focusing on psychics and Evermore (February 3, ); Blue Moon (July 7, ); Shadowland (November 17, ); Dark flame (June 22, ); Night Star ( November

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Those people didn’t know what they were doing. Oh no, Ever is freaking out again. This actually means that if Ever let’s Haven die, she will go to the wonderful place called Summerland, but if she saves her, she will become immortal. But of course Ever needs Damen’s touch to live, so she does stupid shit after stupid shit so she and Damen alyosn fuck.

Feb 06, AH rated it it was ok Shelves: Rayne warns Ever taht something bad is coming and shadowlamd she had better choose right this time. I could deal with this if I were enjoying even one of the characters but they continually disappointed and frustrated me with their perfection, self-centeredness or outright stupidity.

Ever is overcome with guilt at sentencing her friend to the Shadowland, should she ever die. Damen understands Ever’s choice to save her friend. But when I was reading it, I found myself bored. Ever has a great need- she has to see her boyfriend! Jude comes after her and is telling her about how he wants to help her see her sister. She is looking for Jude and says she’ll come alyso when Ever explains that he isn’t there.

It was pretty much shadlwland opposite.

Roman has the potential to be a decent bad guy, but doesn’t seem to be around often enough for it. Apr 04, Steph Sinclair rated it did noell like it Sgadowland And just to barge in and interfere, no matter how well mentioned, would be akin to robbing them of their journey. This only makes the story more annoying I know I’ve been using this word a lot, but it really sums up how this series makes me feel as well as boring and predictable now, so I’m officially done reading this series.


He has set a price for what Ever needs and is unwilling to waver.

Overall, the book was just stale and predictable. That’s how I’m reading all my books and I don’t have to worry about late charges because it goes back automatically at the end of the rental period.

Shadowland by Alyson Noel

Shadowland Book Summary and Study Guide. Jude seemed so down to earth and real and Ever had real sparks flying with him. It was pretty much the same thing all over again. They decide to test the idea of mixing DNA but cutting themselves and letting the blood mix.

The summary says that a curse has fallen on Damen and now he and Ever must race to find the antidote. This book just barely managed to scrape by with a 3 star. Though the introduction of the new character, Jude, made it a little more interesting it isn’t enough to convince me otherwise about the other parts of the story.

Book Trailers – C She may be a teenager, she may make some mistakes. Find my review on the next book in this series will it ever end? My basic question would be – if you were dumped and badly treated by your boyfriend in the last book, why would you return to him and act as if nothing happened?

I don’t care if she had the best intentions personally I found them to be selfish she’s still wrong. They are convinced that she is into Jude even though she denies it.

alysin All she cares about is hooking up with Damen. The second time I went in prepared and found a very wise Damen who has some interesting things to say and my favorite part of the book is where Damen takes Ever to the museum. Damen is adorable, patient and wise in this book, but I do think he has to keep a better eye on Ever. It was fun watching him taunt and tease Ever, especially since she could never get the upper hand.


Shadowland (novel)

Haven is the one that causes all the problems and has since the beginning of the series. Insted Ever chills out in the jacuzzi with Jude and becomes totally shocked the next moment she finds out that Roman has poisened Haven leaving her responsible 4 choosing whether she lives or dies.

Give me a break. How many times does this happen? I don’t hate the story, but I’m growing tired of the constant struggle for these two to be together and the love triangles involved.

Damen and Ever spend the summer apart and she feels herself falling for Jude. She keeps making the same mistakes over and over and over and over! In the second book, Ever ditches her friends even more for Damen, and is also an immortal now.

Shadowland – Paranormal Book Summaries

Really, this is nothing new. Surely there must be better role models for teen readers. The tears start flowing and she reveals to Ever the issues that are going on in her life: We may not like the books, but we still have to stick around because it’s so ridiculous.

She also informs Damen that he is the only one she will ever want. At the memorial, Jason Haven’s Boyfriend had altson her a kitten. Done with the New Age nattering on about energy fields and Wicca lessons. But they don’t know how to fix what’s wrong.

I think there’s a brief period of remorse, but it’s overshadowed onel her more urgent needs. When her aunt tells her she needs to get a job, Ever whines about it because she won’t have time to find the antidote for Damen so they can fuck.

I guess Ever’s whining might count as a plot point as well, I’m not sure.