AlphaServer DS15 and. AlphaStation DS Owner’s Guide. Order Number: EK- DSOG. A This manual is for managers and operators of DS15 systems. Find great deals for HP Alpha DS15 1 GHz DYCAA-AA Server. Shop with HP DEC Compaq AlphaServer DS15 DYCAA-AA 1Ghz CPU DVD CD-RW. HP AlphaServer DS15 – Alpha C 1 GHz – 0 MB overview and full product specs on CNET.

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DA – Worldwide – Version 4 – October 3, Maximum Internal storage capacity: Internal Storage Cage – Protected by HP Services, including one-year, on-site hardware with next business day response. Keyboard, power cord, and mouse must be ordered separately. Cache Memory Cache Memory. Network Controller Network Controller. Internal Storage Cage Systems: Front Access Storage Cage Systems: Onboard Ultra dual port SCSI controller, one port for internal storage and one port for external storage, plus choice of.

Expansion Ports Expansion Ports. Two ports, one serial port with full-duplex asynchronous modem control and one RMC dedicated. Power Supply Power Supply. Supported Options Supported Options.

Service and Support Service and Support.

Protected by HP Services, including a one-year, on-site hardware warranty with next business day response. Training, consulting, network integration, software support, comprehensive system. Step 1 – Select system.

Alphaserver DS15(a) PARTS & Spares

Step 1 – Select system Step 1 – Select system. Software media and documentation for first system on site. Rackmount kit for rackmount systems See Step 8 – Cabinet Enclosures. Country-specific keyboard and mouse are recommended.

Hard Drive Hard Drive. Storage Cage Storage Cage. Order Number Order Number. Step 3 – Select Storage Dd15 – Mandatory. DS15 Internal Storage Cage: DS15 System with Internal Cage supports three storage devices:. Either three internal hard disk drives or one 5. Two HP Universal disk drives plus two internal disk drives, or. Maximum of three internal disk drives 3. Step 3b – Front Access Storage Cage.



Maximum of two internal disk drives 3. Step 4 – Mandatory Selection of Disk Drive. Step 5 – Tape Drives. Egypt, India, South Africa, 2.

Selection of a rackmount cord is mandatory per each DS15 mounted in rack. M-Series enclosures require selection of the following items:. The number of ballast kits required is determined by the number of system boxes. Ballast kits are required according to the following chart:. For more information on M-Series Cabinet Enclosures, see. DS15 system DS15 system. Supported in Supported in. Front Doors Front Doors. Cabinet Extender Cabinet Extender. Front Door Front Door.

Requires selection of door based on cabinet height. Factory Integration of systems and storage devices assembled and configured in cabinet enclosure for. Ballast is added to a cabinet at particular locations for specific configurations to meet safety.

Rackmount Power Cord CC14, black 4. Step 8b – Series Rack Enclosures. Series Series Baying Kit Baying Kit. Carbon – Used to join two or more Series racks. Ballast is added to a cabinet at particular locations for specific configurations to meet. Step 9 – External Storage. Tape drives require country-specific power cord. Tape Devices Tape Devices. AIT hot-plug tape drives require allphaserver Universal slots. The 3U Tape Drive Enclosure supports up to four internal half-height removable devices, or up.

Rackmount Tape Drive Enclosure B21or select preconfigured configurations listed below. Preconfigured Configurations Preconfigured Configurations.

Alphaserver DS15(a) PARTS & Spares

Preconfigured configurations Preconfigured configurations. Maximum Supported Maximum Supported. Shared bus not supported under OpenVMS. See OpenVMS release notes. Channel Switches Channel Switches. For more information on the following switches, refer to. Class Switch Class Switch. America and International, except Japan For product and ordering information, refer to the following Web pages:. The following part akphaserver have been assigned for reference purposes alphaservrr.


Reference individual product rs15 for operating system support. Additional Ethernet ports can be added using available PCI slots. Maximum two per system, maximum. Maximum two per system, maximum ten. Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet. Asynchronous Communications Asynchronous Communications. Synchronous Communications Synchronous Communications. PCI bit, MHz to dual-port intelligent synchronous communications.

Requires at least one maximum two BN34x synchronous cable listed. PCI bit, MHz to quad-port intelligent synchronous communications. Requires at least one maximum four BN34x synchronous cable listed. Multimode fiber optic MMF RJto-RJ45 connectors for system to switch, repeater, or hub connectivity. Step 12 – Graphics Adapters – Optional. Select graphics adapter, monitor, and country-specific keyboard if required. Step 13 – Monitors Step 13 – Monitors. Graphics monitors other than those listed can be used if compatible with SVGA graphics ordered with system.

Video extension cable required if monitor is located more alphaserveer 1 meter from server. Monitors will ship with, but not be integrated with systems.

S inch inch viewable image size FST multi-frequency color monitor, 2-tone. Pinch inch viewable image size auto-scanning color monitor, Diamondtron NF, 0. Same as above, Taiwan, with North America power cord. Same as above, Southern Hemisphere, 0. Same as above, Taiwan, North America power cord.

L, inch inch viewable image size TFT flat panel monitor, 0. L, inch 15inch viewable image size TFT flat panel monitor, 0.

All keyboards listed may not be available in all geographies.