One of the most common questions I get asked by people coming out to an event is “do I really need to know the entire rulebook?” After all, the. – Klick dich schlau. The Alliance LARP is one of the largest live-action fantasy medieval role-playing games in This Rule Book contains all of the rules for the game, plus much more .

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We hope that this guide will answer your basic questions.

If you are here, you probably already know what LARPing is. If you do not, here is a brief blurb from Wikipedia:. The outcome of player actions may be mediated by game rules, or determined by consensus among players. Event arrangers called gamemasters decide the setting and rules to be used and facilitate play.

That means that in our game we include medieval staples such as brave fighters, cutthroat rogues, noble royalty and crafty artisans combined with fantasy tropes such as magic, sorcerers and undead. Unlike in a typical role-playing game, no interactions in Alliance are decided with the roll of a die.

If you wish to turn a member of the nobility to your cause then you must actually earn their trust and work with them to aid you. If you wish to strike an evil creature with your arrow then you must physically throw your arrow representation and hit them with it. All combat in our game is done with padded foam weapons or beanbag-like packets of birdseed wrapped in cloth. As such, Alliance is a very safe game for everyone involved.

The vast majority of people are injured by spraining their ankles or tripping over something in the woods, not by any of our fighting equipment or combat. Absolutely no physical contact by anything other than approved foam weapons or packets are allowed during combat. If after reading this guide and the official handbook link located below under Resources we would be happy to answer any of your questions over at newplayer allianceoregon.

We are asked a lot about the fighting style in Alliance. Alliance is a boffer combat system which allows for physical contact but only with approved foam weapons and bird seed packets. There is absolutely no physical contact allowed with unapproved weapons, hand-to-hand or ground combat.

Think of Alliance as a representational system than an actual fighting system. A tap with a weapon is just as effective in delivering damage to your opponent as a degree axe-chop is. Each character has armor points and body points which are subtracted mentally when you are struck. This is an honor system! You have to trust your opponents and allies to keep score and in return you must respect them and do the same.

The world of Alliance is full of characters. These characters might be assassins, townspeople, politicians, traders, soldiers or craftsmen. They might be dragons, ghouls, undead, lizards, or other nasty things.

These characters are overseen by the Plot Committee who control the general course of the game and present challenges for the players to overcome to move the story forward. NPCs are very important to have in Alliance as without them there are no outside forces for the players to interact with besides themselves. There are four major advantages to NPCing when you are just getting into Alliance: Firstly, NPCing is free! All weapons, masks, prosthetics, makeup, spell packets, etc will be lent to you while you are an NPC.

PCs must provide all of these things themselves. The only gear you must bring as an NPC is dark clothing; preferably sweats, sturdy footwear and a lot of socks. Additionally, NPCing allows you to try out the game before you sink a bunch of money or time into it. You can see if the combat system is a system that you enjoy. You can try out different combat styles and see what you enjoy playing the most.


Alliance Oregon

As long as you are vocal about your desire to try a lot of things, or specific things even, the people running Monster Camp will do everything they can to see that you have an opportunity to try those things out. Lastly, everyone will love you. There are people who enjoy NPCing so much that it is all they do! What does that say about our system, eh?

These are the personas that people put on for an entire event and ruldbook with the other PCs and the NPCs that are sent out by the Aliance Committee. If you allliance those daydreams of being the knight in shining armor or the sorcerer hurling bolts of fire at your enemies, then you likely want to be a PC. When you PC, you have absolute freedom to do anything you want at any time that you want.

If you wish to run head-long into lafp you are free to do so. If you want to stay in your cabin and talk with other PCs all day you are free to do that as well. As ruleboook PC in Alliance you are responsible for your own entry fees, food and garb. Unlike NPCs who are given nearly all of the equipment that they need for the entirety of the event, as a PC you are responsible for having garb and weaponry that looks in-genre. Remember that as a PC you are never safe!

While you are in-game, even while sleeping, you can be attacked by monsters and even other PCs! Alliance is a game that rarely ever has a break.

Included here are a couple of our most basic safety rules. More in-depth rules can be found in our free PDF rulebook mentioned in the Introduction portion of this document. All combat and other in-game interactions must aoliance immediately until latp hold is resolved. You must call a hold personally if you encounter an unsafe situation someone falls, is injured, etc.

Absolutely no open flames are allowed inside of any buildings. This includes the tavern, out buildings or cabins. Depending on the venue and the time of year, open fire pits may aloiance allowed outside so long as they are tended by someone at all times. Smoking is only allowed in designated out-of-game areas. Please make sure to fully extinguish flame and ash, and to dispose of all butts and other refuse properly. Alliance is a hour event, meaning that there is action going on at all hours, even at night!

This means that moving between areas in the dark can be potentially hazardous and a light will be required. Remember, please, that all lights must be in-period! Rulevook recommend Larpp LED lanterns as they can be decorated to look proper and they will save you from falling. Absolutely no alcohol or illicit substances are allowed rulevook be consumed at any Alliance events.

This includes imbibing off-site and then returning to the event later. The specifics about creating a character are outlined in our free PDF rulebook starting on page Aside from that, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind when first creating your character:. I personally recommend creating a character with at least one of each of those things and, in fact, some of them can overlap.

Perhaps your loyalty is one of your strengths but makes you blind to betrayal. If you are new to LARPing, you might want to think about characters who have traits that fit with your idea of the character you want to play. Be they a leader, a scoundrel, a knight, alljance rogue, a member of the nobility, a savage or what have you.

  DAQ 6009 PDF

It is often easier rlebook think about how these characters that you know and love might react to a situation. Over time as you grow into your character you might discover that they are being molded into the kind of character you enjoy playing. All characters should have a backstory created for them. In fact, rulrbook the Alliance Oregon chapter, if you create a character a submit a backstory that gets approved by the Plot team, then you will start your first event at level two instead of level one.

This will give you much greater flexibility in terms of the in-game skills that you know right aliance of the bat! The official rulebook goes into quite some detail about creating a character background starting in page Remember that our official rulebook is absolutely free in PDF format and you should definitely read it!

You can get a general idea of the history of our chapter in three places:. Once you have submitted a background to plot ruleboko their consideration, you should consider getting your costume in order. The best place to look for starter gear is actually thrift shops. Goodwill, Salvation Army and other can have the look and price you want if you just have the patience to look around a lrp.

In addition, a thrift shop can be an amazing resource for the little trinkets and other details that lap bring your character to life.

Jewelry, a brooch for your tunic or cloak, a celtic-themed book, a worn belt buckle; these are all things that go together and give your character more personality. The key point here is comfort and stability! While hardly anyone is hurt in LARPing from the weapons, sprained ankles are the most common injury.

Many rules marshals and staff are very lenient in terms of footwear in regards to period authenticity.

NERO Rule Book: Michael A. Ventrella: : Books

Since footwear is so vitally important to being comfortable in LARPing, if you show up rulebookk a sturdy pair of hiking boots no one is going to fault you for that. The biggest no-no for footwear is to wear tennis shoes!

Do not wear tennis shoes! Here is a comical video for making quick and dirty garb in under four minutes! In fact, Alliance avoids religion in any way that it can so as to not offend any of allance player base.

This means that it is a good idea to avoid any religious symbolism in your background or your costuming.

The forces working against the heroes are some of the Transformed Races, victims of the Lumos Affliction, and their leader, Lumos himself. He is also a victim ru,ebook the Lumos Affliction, and is somehow shares an unnatural bond with Lumos. Everytime Lumos is killed he reforms from the body of the Dragon, and the Dragon grows weaker still. Can the heroes stop Lumos, cure the Dragon, and hold the Void at bay?

Can they keep oblivion from rising? The Alliance Oregon and Alliance Seattle chapters are sister chapters and many people play in both chapters. As such, it would be silly for us to try to tell you only about Alliance Oregon events because there are plenty of events hosted by Alliance Seattle as well!