Degré maçonnique. Une page de Franc-maçons – Sacrés hauts grades!», Sophie Coignard La Loge Maçonnique, Albert Vigneau, éd. Les Nouvelles. Results 1 – 11 of 11 F. M. et Front Populaire. Nous conduira-t-on aux horreurs d’Espagne? by Vigneau Albert et Orland Vivienne and a great selection of related. Nous conduira-t-on aux horreurs d’Espagne? by Vigneau Albert et Orland Vivienne and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available.

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The freemasonry is classically, that a system of morality, veiled by allegories. This system consists of three initiatory rites or degrees, based on quarriers’ medieval guilds apprentice, companion, master, the set square and the compass …. Ils are protected by oaths of blood and supposed to be based on the principles of the paternity of God and the brotherhood of the men.

The masonic symbolism is a mixture of the symbols of the Old Testament which take their source in the construction of the temple of king Salomon and other previous religions in ours current. It is one of doubtless older secret brotherly companies of the world which now propagated in all the countries.

How do we become mason?

It is necessary to ask them. Then we pass by a whole process. The mason whom we request, will go to present your demand for the Changing room which will establish a committee in charge of meeting you to wonder. They still separate the women of the men, but more the blacks of the whites. The committee will pronounce after a vote by urn, by means of white and black balls.

If a black is in the urn, you are blackballed! It is necessary to remember that lasting The affair Dreyfus, we had discovered that the freemasonry made do the catholic officers by using codes of the style “VAM” trad goes to the mass, etc.

Accepted, it will be necessary to take the oath on the Bible, even if by definition you still ignore everything of the freemasonry. You are in the same condition as to buy an object which you did not see. Amazing that people intelligent or sound in mind accept this kind of wish so fuzzy. He will have been deprived of any metal. Master will say to him: If I rape deliberately my obligations of Apprentice, if God helps me …””.

Master will ask him then to kiss the book which is the Holy Bible. We ape naturally the Christian church, in this kind of ceremony, as we can notice it with the enthronement of Sassou Nguesso as Grand Master of Big East of Congo Brazzaville: Then he will ask him the question: It is not that after this oath that the masonic secrets will be revealed to him.

They consist essentially in passwords, learning of the handles of hand, gestures, the typically mason behavior to be known. Because if a mason makes a sign to be in danger, you have to fly from his help, even if he is guilty and what you could be killed there. This oath is more powerful than the oath of a soldier to its homeland.

All this symbolizes male reproductive organs and female. As this other sign, representing 2 balls with a cane. It is the password of freemason Master. Books warn us nevertheless of the perversity of the freemasonry!

Are the freemasons of the half-wits, hucksters or Satanists? “Collapses of civilization

In Proverbs, in the chapter 6, the verse 12 …: That of Albert Vigneau: He was also founding of the masonic magazine: But brutally, inIn. Winkle decided to leave the freemasonry and to break definitively with its obedience. To explain his decision and the reasons of this break, he published a book at the beginning of which he expressed himself in these terms: I had fast realized that we apbert to the candidate wishing to be admitted in this company, by representing her to him as by being what she is not: I who am an old Mason, a former dignitary of my Changing room, I say it, I assert it, it is a lie.

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The masonic Studios are not places where we give a lpge initiation, where “we make men worthy of the name, aware and lit citizens” ” as “they” vignea him in their publications …. In the masonic Studios, we take care essentially of political intrigues, anticlericalism, secularism in the most pejorative sense of the word, and … of antimilitarism … It is what they callto fight against the errors, against the fictions … The Homeland is an error.

God is a fiction. His publication came as a bombshell, because he also told how had taken place his initiation, how is received the “light”, which is the rite of a solemn holding ….

According to his Grand Master, the Freemasonry had three main purposes: Delete the Roman Catholic Church and his pope. Bring down the borders to establish the universal Republic.

Degré maçonnique – Wikiquote, le recueil de citations libres

Delete the traditional Family to maohnique the children and the wife, according to the good laic morality. The new laws current as the gay marriage, the gender, the encouragement in the abortion and in the euthanasia come from these changing rooms. Xlbert called back us the catholic origin of the humanism with the Jesuitsat the time of the discovery of the New World, and its definition the humanity is one and inseparable, the power is in the service of the sovereign peopleMarion Sigaud highlights the profound contempt of the people which did not stop demonstrating the Lights which opened the economic, theorized and put into practice liberalism the child labor, the impoverishment of the masses, the penal colony, the systematic ill-treatment of the poor children, and the depravation of the customs.

Text of the Convent de la Grande loge de france dated Inthe Brother.?. Vgneau declared “The Family is the obstacle to be destroyed, if we want to give to all an equal and revolutionary education.

We speak to you about school neutrality but it’s time to say that the school neutrality was never that a diplomatic lie and a hypocrisy of circumstance We call upon him to put to sleep the scruples of the afraid ones … We have never had of other intention than to make an antireligious university, and an logd in a active, militant, warlike way”. This is the way for years, we attend a company of total reversal of the order of things wanted by God. No outside constraint, of no kind, the human consciousness stays only judge of acts, approves them or disapproves of them; morality without penalty, as with no obligation.

And in this war against God, the indoctrination of the alvert is a superiority: Let us not deny however that viyneau return in freemasonry only to obtain advantages at the level business.

They use it as a network.

Degré maçonnique

maonnqiue They are particularly many there in the judicial environment judges and lawyers and in the police. What for judge Eric Montgolfier raises problem. He questions this religion of the secret, which can only encourage certain masons, to make illegal things: Does not freemason Master, in its promise, have to warn a brother of a danger, so that he can escape it?


An arrest warrant for example, risks to find never the guilty person at her home, if cigneau one is freemason. Furthermore, he has to promise to reveal never the secrets of its Master? A rapist of child will so be protected. And at the very top of the pyramid, even the murders or the treasons cannot be revealed.

In other words, to send to justice a freemason, can be a risky operation. His first lawyer at first instance had been Me Emmanuel Riglaire. vignneau

He had strangely pleaded, by speaking about his customer, as of a “high-ranking character in the freemasonry. Grand Master, Supreme etc Because his first lawyer was dipped with 3 other brothers, in an affair of procuring to the Carlton of Lille DSK. Ah these freemasons hucksters! The history of Jack The Ripperis the typical example of protection, which a freemason is entitled to obtain: He killed 8 prostitutes of London inby using masonic ritual gestures as knife from an ear to the other one or throw entrails over the left shoulder.

He was never worried, because the prefect of police in charge of the survey was freemason. The duke of Clarence was in love with a catholic prostitute, Annie Crook. Having married him, they had a girl. Nevertheless there is a law forbidding any member of the royal family to marry a Catholic.

Dr Gull locked his wife into a psychiatric hospital where she was found committed suicide shortly after. Other prostituted, informed women of the marriage, were murdered, so protecting the secret of freemason Master. What was registered in a path during these events “Juwes will be blamed for nothing. Was quickly erased by the police, just because you should not encourage the anti-semitic riots. But in fact, the prefect knew that Juwes was a masonic coded word, making reference to three bandits having killed Hiram Abif: Jubelo, Jubela and jubelum.

Juwes wanted to say the freemasons. The murders had certainly been executed by a surgeon. Because sections were very precise. The first nickname given by Jack “The leather apron confirms the presence of freemasons in this history.

Because when a mason becomes Master, does not receive this kind of apron? And as many politicians are former lawyers, and as numerous lawyers are “brothers”, it is not surprising that statesmen’s significant number is it also: At least 17 presidents of the USA were him. If Washington was a part of it, he denounced not less their perversity at the end of his life. He had discovered that they had become one footbridge to make come illuminati in America.

It means that they had been brought to make an oath on a human, swearing skull participate in the destruction of the law, the religion and the government, to the advantage of a New World Order.

The European countries are not less decorated with it: Did not the tower of Babelthe time of Nemrodalready represent United Nations? See the European building maoninque as Nemrod, the freemasons strive to delete the worship which carry the men to God. They want the establishment of a government and a world religion. To Ezekiel, chapter 8, learn we that he is taken by the Lord in front of the temple of Jerusalem. And there, he says to Ezekiel “do you See what make in the darkness the former of the house of Israel?