Theodore von Kármán was a Hungarian-American mathematician, aerospace engineer, and physicist who was active primarily in the fields of aeronautics and astronautics. He is responsible for many key advances in aerodynamics, notably his work. Aerodynamics has 3 ratings and 1 review. Marco said: This is a perfect engineering based book that is writtenfor the non-science and non-engineering bas. Known as the father of supersonic flight, Theodore von Kármán ( – ) made major contributions to aviation and space technology, aerodynamics, and.

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He is responsible for many key advances in aerodynamicsnotably his work on supersonic and hypersonic airflow characterization. He is regarded as the outstanding aerodynamic theoretician of the twentieth century.

After the war aaerodynamics returned to Aachen with his mother and sister Josephine de Karman. Josephine encouraged Theodore to expand his science beyond national boundaries.

Aerodynamics – Theodore Von Kármán – Google Books

They organized the first international conference in mechanics held in September in Innsbruck. Subsequent conferences were organized as the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.

The directorship included provision for a research assistantand he selected Frank Wattendorfan American who had been studying for three years in Aachen. He later became a naturalized citizen of the United States.

He eventually became an important figure in supersonic motion, noting in a seminal paper that aeronautical engineers were “pounding hard on the closed door leading into the field of supersonic motion. Early thsodore September, while still in New York, he met U. He was recognized, “For his leadership in the science and engineering basic to aeronautics; for his effective teaching and related contributions in many fields of mechanics, for his distinguished counsel to the Armed Services, and for his aerorynamics international cooperation in science and engineering.


He was instrumental in recognizing the importance of the swept-back wings that are ubiquitous in modern jet aircraft. Specific contributions include theories of non-elastic buckling, unsteady wakes in circum-cylinder flowstability of laminar flowturbulenceairfoils in steady and unsteady flow, boundary layersand supersonic aerodynamics.

He made additional contributions in other fields, including aerodyanmics, vibration, heat transfer, and crystallography.

Theodore von Kármán and his Advances in Aerodynamics

His name also appears in a number of concepts, for example:. Seven major academic journals then followed with book reviews by noted authors: As the book was non-technical, written for the general reader, Thomas P. Holley noted “penetrating insights into the creative process, its ingredients, nurture and exploitation. An enthusiastic review by J.

Kestin [21] advised readers to buy and study the book, and prize it as a reference. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hungarian-American mathematician, aerospace engineer and physicist.

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Aerodynamics: Selected Topics in the Light of Their Historical Development

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