Periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics is often used from the outset of treatment to dramatically reduce treatment times for. Visit the Website of Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr. David Gilbert and read about Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics. ☎ Periodontal accelerated osteogenic orthodontics (PAOO) is a clinical procedure that combines selective alveolar corticotomy, particulate bone.

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It is a combination of a selective decortications facilitated orthodontic technique and alveolar augmentation 3. The re-duced treatment duration of PAOO may reduce the risk of accekerated resorption. Surgically assisted orthodontic tooth movement has been used since the s. A typical volume used is 0. A scanning electron microscope study. In the PAOO procedure, decortication is performed at clinical sites without entering the cancellous bone, avoiding risk of damage to underlying structures, such as the maxillary sinus and the mandibular canal.

Bone Activation Osteogenix alveolar bone is activated over the root prominences in the direction of the intended tooth movement; usually, the bone in the direction away from which the teeth are being moved should also be activated. The facilitated tooth movement subsequent to a corticotomy-based surgery can thus be attributed to a physiologically based periodontal ligament mediated process. In addition, some post-operative swelling and pain is expected for several days.

Revascularization and bone healing after anterior maxillary osteotomy: It is an interdisciplinary collaboration that has integrated the use of traditional orthodontic tooth movement in conjunction with periodontal tissue engineering and regenerative surgery.

However, if complex mucogingival procedures are axcelerated with the PAOO surgery, the lack of fixed orthodontic appliances may enable easier flap manipulation and suturing. This technique can be used to treat cases of borderline dental Class-III occlusion; however, severe skeletal Class-III situations cannot be adequately addressed with this technique. When applied, the success of AAO treatment is dependent on patient compliance with keeping orthodontic appointments every weeks.


Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AAO)

A year-old female with Angle’s Class I moderately to severely crowded malocclusion with periodontal pocket with 31 and reduced thickness of the buccal cortical plate of lower anteriors, requested shortened orthodontic treatment time.

The movement brought about with the PAOO technique is orthodpntics in nature and as such the surrounding periodontium must be healthy. Search Osteobenic for Bhandari SM. Immediate Challenges of craniofacial tissue regeneration, International Conference on Maxillofacial Reconstructive Biotechnology. Rapid orthodontics with alveolar reshaping: Two case reports of decrowding.

Orthodontic treatment acceleration with corticotomy- assisted exposure of palatally impacted canines.

Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics | Upland | Inland Empire

Rapid orthodontic tooth movement aided accelertaed alveolar surgery in beagles. Abstract With an increasing number of adult patients coming to the orthodontic clinic, the orthodontic professional is constantly looking for ways to accelerate tooth movement. Age is not considered a limiting factor for PAOO technique.

Alveolar osteotomy and rapid orthodontic treatments. The corticotomies may also be achieved with a piezoelectric knife 17 Otseogenic integrity of the flaps needs to be appreciated; therefore, incisions vertically and at the base of the flaps need to be avoided as much as possible. A more recent surgical orthodontic therapy was introduced by Wilcko et al.

However, it is the spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration in orthodontics has expanded the realm of traditional orthodontic tooth movement protocols.

A model for mechanotransduction in bone cells: Adult blood vessels restore host hematopoiesis following lethal irradiation. Frost[ 5 ] in his study reported of osetogenic physiologic response, called the regional acceleratory phenomenon RAP as a response to osseous insult in endochondral long bones.

No packing is required. Periodontic and orthodontic treatment in adults.

Abstract Periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics oorthodontics a relatively new procedure designed to minimize the time taken for orthodontic treatment.

Flap suturing photographs Click here to view. On the other hand, a case of bimaxillary dentoalveolar protrusion requiring extractions in both the arches can be treated with PAOO to hasten the result in both the arches. The procedure produces minimal discomfort and swelling. The results helped to substantiate the belief regarding the health of crestal bone in relation to the corticotomy cuts.


The role of mechanotrans-duction. A study of osteogehic relationship between incisor intrusion and root shortening. In addition, PAOO should not be considered as an alternative for surgically assisted palatal expansion in orthodonttics treatment of severe posterior cross-bite.

World J Orthod ;4: Patients with active periodontal disease ostsogenic gingival recession are not good candidates for PAOO. These considerations make orthodontic treatment of adults different and challenging as well as necessitate special concepts and procedures, such as the use of invisible appliances, shorter periods of treatment, the use of lighter forces and more precise tooth movements.

Periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics (PAOO) – a review

The placement of orthodontic brackets and activation of the arch wires are typically done the week before the surgical aspect of PAOO is performed. Summary and Conclusion The PAOO technique can present the practitioner with the ability to carry out treatments in wccelerated in-office setting that acceletated have previously been unimaginable.

From an esthetic perspective the PAOO technique not only addresses tooth oseogenic, but also facial features and, as such, is truly in vivo tissue engineering. The aim of this article is to present a comprehensive review of the literature, including the historical background, the contemporary clinical techniques, indications, contraindications, complications and side effects.

The new technique described here provides an increased net alveolar volume after orthodontic treatment. The flap should be extended beyond the corticotomy sites mesially and distally so that vertical releasing incisions are not required.