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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Shaktipat—The Self Proven System-1 2. Shaktipat—The Supreme Path 5. It is a coincidence or the will of God that the first edition was also printed the same way. Many people have a large store of worldly knowledge but their intellect cannot be said to be pure because they have many doubts about spiritual matters. This intellect is something that always creates doubts in the chitta mind stuff.

This is an indication that the intellect has become impure. Of course a study of the scripture is a solution to clear these doubts at the intellectual level. Those who have no ability to study scriptures can benefit from Satsang the company of Yogis and Saints that also includes sermons and lectures by them.

It is difficult these days to find a true Satsang. A yogi or a saint who provides Satsang has to be one who is selfless, is unattached to the world and has experienced the Divine Presence. Only then can he explain to you the secrets of spirituality. If you can find such a Satsang all spiritual doubts of your intellect can be cleared. When the intellect is satisfied, automatically a profound devotion and intense passion for God appears in the heart, and then one can walk on the true path of spirituality.

Probably this is what a spiritual aspirant finds in ‘ A Guide To Shaktipat. It is a spiritual book for those who want to read it for spiritual growth and it is very much of an experience of being in Satsang with an adept spiritual master.

We are thankful to Balaji Advertising, Mumbai and specially Mr.

Krishnaswami who promptly undertook the job on his computer to design the cover page and set the pages. In the first chapter the author expounds on the meaning of Shaktipat and the path this spiritual power takes once activated. Explanation is also given on differences among Yoga practices with particular reference to.

Furthermore, answers are given for ways of dealing with different experiences and thoughts which may occur during meditation. Th harrier that English language. Daya Murthy for fuide ira titude bringing out this publication.

A guide to shaktipat – Shivom Tirth (Swami) – Google Books

Finally, we express our smceregmttuide Shri Chandrakan. One book will deal with questions and difficulties pertaining to Guuide. This book, which is first in the series has the mixture of all the paths.

In fact, Shaktipat is not an independent Yoga or System of Sadhana. Shaktipat is a means of awakening the Shakti towards inner consciousness and to make it perform automatic movements Kriyas. In this way all types of Sadhana, Upasana and Yogic practices are assimilated in this path.

The past deeds of each one shakhipat different. Inter, alia Kriyas also differ. In the middle there comes a stage when according to his past deeds Kriyas occur depending upon the tatwas. That is why these Kriyas are different from each other. This point has not been elaborated in this book. In the series of books to be published attempts will be made to throw light on the above. Some Sadhaks have funny thoughts in their shaktipag and these thoughts are so deeprooted that it is very difficult to up-root them.


Just as some Sadhaks believe that when Shakti is awakened it rises from Mooladhar first chakra which corresponds with the pelvic plexus of the sympathetic nervous system towards Sushumna subtle central current running through the spinal column in zig zag manner.

Such Sadhaks are believed to have said that they have seen a snake in the Sushumna as if there is a snake within them. They also do not understand the alphabets written on these petals. Matters relating to Yoga have also to be discussed which will be attempted in the next book in the series.

My initiation and the science of shaktipat

By thinking on any topic or concentrating on any subject, the seeds of the subject or object get embedded in us. Doing prayers, japa, meditation upasana tp on piligrimage, reading or recital etc.

The other Sadhan is to wean out or remove from within these accumulated seeds of the past action which is possible only when the divine Shakti turns inwards and becomes active. At this point one should give up the prayers or meditation wherein you forcibly concen- shaktpat, and surrender to the Divine Shakti and sit for Sadhan.

In this book, discussions on the above have been done at random. However it is necessary to elaborate on this issue. To ponder on the above issue as also several others and to teach a definite goal is of paramount importance to a Sadhak.

These shall be dealt by me in the forthcoming series of books. Shaktipat is the descent of spiritual energy. Since energy is all pervading and is present in every particle of nature, the question arises-where does this energy come from and where does it go?

Shaktipat, thus, means the descent of Chit-Shakti the power of mind-stuff of the Guru on the ChitSImkti of the disciple. The Guru is regarded to be spiritually more advanced than the disciple.

This awakening and activation is easily possible through Shaktipat.

Is this awakening possible only through Shaktipat? In fact, all spiritual practices aim at awakening Shakti and making it introspective. The awakening ofShaktihas been described by all spiritual practices and theories with little difference shaktipt name. For example, it is described as Kundalini Shakti by Hatha Yoga. Japa repetition of holy namespenance, practice of Hatha Yoga, religious studies and discourses all aim at achieving this objective but they require long and constant effort.

It certainly 2 A Guide to Shaktipat saktipat much patience and this persistent and enduring patience is rarely seen. For ahaktipat reason, the reliance on Shaktipat is highly beneficial because fo an able Guru has been found and he has showered his grace, then Kundalini dormant spiritual energy residing at the base of the spine is soon awakened.

Theoretically all spiritual systems aim at awakening Kundalini however there is a big difference in practice. There are hardly one or two instances known when an aspirant has been able to awaken his Shaktopat by personal efforts. The author of Shiva Sutras rightly expounds that there is only one way of awakening. In this context Guru is defined literally as great men.

An aspirant should always have his goal in view while doing these practices. In this man- nei he develops an intense desire for achieving the higher objective. The feeling ol detachment towards the world also develops in time which helps his Shakti become active and introspective soon after Shaktipat initiation. Thus, the huide becomes fully equipped for receiving Svayam-Siddha-Sadhan a self-proven system of autonomous Yoga exercises.

This, in itself, is an attainment. What is the difference between the automatic movements taking place after the awakening of Kundalini and the exercises of other Yoga Practices? The difference between actions and automatic movements is that with actions, one experiences the sense of the doer whereas with automatic movements, one experiences the sense of the seer, i.

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These movements take place after the awakening of Kundalini in accordance with the accumulated seeds of past actions which are present in his Chitta and he experiences the movements of Kriyaman-Shakti automatic movement power beyond the control of his own body and mind. guidw

A Guide to Shaktipat

This sense of perception is never achieved simply by reading, religious discourse or the practice of Shakttipat and Tapa. An aspirant may momentarily experience the sense of “I am the seer at the emotional and intellectual level, but its permanence is possible only after Kundalini becomes awakened and he has had enough experiences.

Why has this system been designated as SvayamSiddha- Sadhan self-proven system? Sluikti cannot be unmanifest. As long as it is extrovert, it is involved shakfipat worldly objectives, but after the awakening of Kundalini, Shakti becomes introverted and is no longer dealing with the world. The process of Shakti becoming introverted happens when an aspirant turns off the light, sits in a closed room, closes his eyes and begins Sadhan.

He has no sense of I-ness during all of these. He sees his body swinging, weeping, laughing, singing and trembling.

He also directly experiences the fact that he is not performing guixe of these actions but that some other power is responsible for them. This is why this system has been described as the self-proven system.

What is meant by the awakening of Kundalini? Is Shakti sometimes dormant and at other times active? Shakti is never dormant. It is always awake.

However when it is directed towards the outside world, Shakti is said to be spiritually dormant but when this flow of energy is turned within and towards the Self, Kundalini Shakti awakening of spiritual energy; inward activation of Shakti occurs. Shaktiwhile flowing out towards the world, is called PrasavaKrama involutionary cycle and when its flow gide turned in towards the Self, it is described as Prati- Ptasava-Krama evolutionary cycle.

Riddhis are the result when the aspirant s mind is turned outward i. Shakti or Ganesh is the giver of Siddhis when too mind is turned in, i. When Shakti has no temporal or other worldly actions to perform, it will unite w its vuide, the soul. Yoga Darshan advocates only conscious efforts for Yoga attainments. Where does this method of Shakti-pat fit into that system of philosophy?

Yoga Darshan is a classic work on Yoga philosophy. This means that when an aspirant directly and without a doubt perceives the divine power within, he can be said to have achieved the state of Ishvara- Pranidhan. The basis of this knowledge is not a state of consciousness but is Conscious Being itself, Consciousness is the outwardly directed active lorce, whereas Conscious Being is that fundamental level of power from which this whole universe, i.

Shqktipat this stage Chit-Shakti, on which are imprinted the seeds of good and evil actions of the past, has its place between Pratyak-Chetana and Chaitanya Conscious Being. This means whereas in the beginning the Jiva living being was accumulating the seeds of past actions because of his ego and attachment to them, now Shakti goes on thinning them out. These layers of accumulated seeds are like rings which open up one after another and the shakgipat of Chitta keep wearing out.