Motorcycle YAMAHA YZF(W) Owner’s Service Manual. ( pages) Motorcycle Yamaha MT Owner’s Manual. Mt; mta yamaha ( pages). Owners Manual PDF or Read Yamaha Yzf Owners Manual PDF on The Most Popular. Online PDFLAB. Only Register an Account to. YZF(Z). OWNER’S SERVICE MANUAL Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. the culmination of Yamaha’s vast ex- perience in the.

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Any reprinting or unauthorized use without the written permission of Yamaha Motor Co. It represents the highest grade of craftsmanship and reliability that have made Yamaha a leader. It is illegal for this machine to be operated on any public street, road, or highway.

Off-road use on public lands may also be illegal. Please check local regula- tions before riding. If you should swallow some gasoline, inhale excess gasoline vapors, or allow any gasoline to get into your eyes, contact a doctor immediately. If any gasoline spills onto your skin or clothing, immediately wash skin areas with soap and water, and change your clothes.

If you have any questions regarding the operation or maintenance of your machine, please consult your Yamaha dealer. This manual should be considered a perma- nent part of this machine and should remain with it even if the machine is subsequently sold.

Wenn Sie die vielen Tipps der Bedie- N. Achten Ownerd auf Ihre Sicherheit! The informa- tion has been complied to provide the mechanic with an easy to read, handy reference that contains comprehensive explanations of all yz50f, repair, assembly, and inspection operations.

In this revised format, the condition of a faulty component will precede an arrow symbol and the course of action required will follow the symbol, e. There are two owhers reasons for knowing the serial number of your machine: When ordering parts, you can give the number to your Yamaha dealer for positive identification of the model you own.

If your machine is stolen, the authorities yamwha need the number to search for and identify your machine. Remove all dirt, mud, dust, and foreign material before removal and disassembly. When washing ownets machine with high pres- sured water, cover the parts follows.

We recommend to use Yamaha genuine parts for all replacements. All gaskets, oil seals, and O-rings should be replaced when an engine is overhauled.

2007 Yamaha YZ250F — Owner’s Manual

Nur von Yamaha emp- sostituzioni. All circlips should be inspected carefully before reassembly. Always replace piston pin clips after one use. When installing a circlip 1, make sure that the sharp-edged corner 2 lwners posi- tioned opposite to the thrust 3 it receives. See the sectional view. Dry each terminal with an air blower. Connect and disconnect the connector two or three times.


Pull the lead to check that it will not come yzmaha. Using the correct special tool will help prevent damage caused by the manal of improper tools or improvised techniques. The shape and part number used for the special tool differ by country, so two types are provided.

YM, Cap bolt wrench YM This tool is used to loosen or tighten the base valve. YM, Cap bolt ring wrench YM Dynamic spark tester YM Ignition checker This instrument is necessary for checking the ignition system components.

Yamaha YZF – Owner’s Manual – Pages – PDF

La forma e i numeri parte utilizzati per gli attrezzi speciali differiscono da Stato a Stato, per cui se ne indicano due tipi. Continue pushing the engine stop switch till the engine yz20f to a stop. Pull it toward the handlebar to acti- vate the front brake. Also, be sure to use new gasoline the day of a race. Premium unleaded gasoline only with a research octane number of 95 or higher.


Use only unleaded gasoline. The use of owwners gasoline will cause severe damage to the engine internal parts such as valves, piston rings, and exhaust system, etc. Le jour mandato di seguito. The exhaust fumes are poisonous; they can cause loss of consciousness and death in a very short time. Always operate the machine in a well-ventilated area. Pull the hot starter lever 1 and start the engine by kicking the kickstarter crank force- fully with a firm stroke.

Download Manual: 2007 Yamaha YZ250F — Owner’s Manual

As soon as the engine starts, Release the hot starter lever to close the air passage. Before starting the engine, fill the fuel 20007 with the fuel. Perform the pre-operation checks on the machine. Start and warm up the engine. Check the idle speed, and check the operation of the controls and the engine stop switch.

Before washing the machine, block off the end of the exhaust pipe to prevent water from entering. After cleaning the machine thoroughly, prepare it for storage as follows: Drain the fuel tank, fuel lines, and the car- buretor float bowl. Warp limit 0. Y250f method Chain drive Left Valve clearance cold 0. Oil filter type Paper type Oil pump type Trochoid type Tip clearance 0. Steering bearing ownerw Taper roller bearing Front suspension: Swingarm free play limit 1.

Torque specifications for special components or assemblies are included in the applicable sec- tions of this book. To avoid warpage, tighten multi-fastener assemblies in a crisscross fash- ion, in progressive stages, until full torque is reached.

Verzug 0,05 mm 0, in Zylinder: Bohrungsdurchmesser 77,00—77,01 ownsrs 3,—3, in Max. Antriebsart Kettenantrieb links Nockenwellenlager-Durchmesser 22,—22, mm 0,—0, in Nockenwellen-Lagerzapfen-Durchmesser 21,—21, mm Ventilschaft-Schlag 0,01 mm 0, in Ventilsitz-Breite Einlass 0,9—1,1 mm 1,6 mm 0,—0, in 0, in Auslass 0,9—1,1 mm 1,6 mm 0,—0, in 0, in Ventilfeder: Limite di distorsione 0,05 mm 0, in Cilindro: Metodo di trasmissione Comando a catena lato sinistro Le specifiche di serraggio per componenti o gruppi speciali sono contenute nei relativi para- grafi del presente manuale.


If you yanaha a doubt as to what intervals to follow in maintaining and lubricating your machine, consult gz250f Yamaha dealer. In caso di dubbio su quale intervallo seguire per la manutenzione e la lubrificazione del mezzo, consultare il rivenditore Yamaha.

Before using this machine, check the following points. Vor dem ersten Einsatz folgende Punkte kontrollieren. Scalding hot fluid manuql steam may be blown out under pressure, which could cause serious injury.

Take care so that coolant does not splash on painted surfaces. If it splashes, wash it away with water. Place a container under the engine.

Handling notes of coolant: The coolant is harmful so it should be han- dled with special care. Apply water on the radiator cap seal. Place the tip a of the cap in the boot. Throttle grip free play a: After cleaning, remove the remaining solvent by squeezing the element. Align the projection a on filter guide with the hole b in air filter case. Start the engine and warm it up for several minutes, and then turn off the engine and wait for five minute.

Place the machine on a level place and hold it on upright position by placing the suitable stand under the engine. If the oil filter is to be replaced during this oil change, remove the following parts and reinstall them. Operazioni per il controllo: Start the engine and thoroughly warm it up. Record the measured reading if the clear- ance is incorrect. The thickness a of each pad is indicated in hundreths of millimeters on the pad upper surface. Last digit of pad Rounded value number 0, 1 or Die Bremshydraulik in folgenden Spurgare il circuito dei freni se: If bleeding is difficult, it may be necessary to let the brake fluid system stabilize for a few hours.

Repeat the bleeding procedure when the tiny bubbles in the system have disap- peared. Add brake fluid to the level line on the reservoir. Brake pedal height a: Replace the drive sprocket, rear wheel sprocket and drive chain as a set. Be sure to install the master link clip to the direction as shown.

Use a thin screw driver, and be careful not to damage the inner fork tube and dust seal. This is the position which is back by the spe- cific number of lwners from the fully turned-in position.